The day I ate Sushi

with my plate of sushi

I was so eager and poised to try this Japanese food called Sushi because comments from some American friends suggested to me that it was going to feel and taste as good as my favorite Ghanaian dish ‘Fufu’.My burning desire to try sushi led me to Japantown, San Francisco. I entered a Japanese restaurant and got served with sushi. Even though the taste wasn’t similar to ‘Fufu’ it tasted really good.  The ‘sushi’ experience was a good one and I will definitely do it again.

Ripple Effect Initiative (USA and Ghana collaborative project)

Selfie with Ruben during my trip to Ghana

My nonprofit (God’s Movement Internation) of which I’m the founder is using the power of the camera lens to bring about social transformation. We are using the real-life stories captured on tape, of people across the globe to teach key life moral lessons, raise awareness on some social issues and most of all connect people from different backgrounds to build friendships. During my trip to Ghana my friend, Ruben and I visited local communities, schools, and churches to officially introduce ourselves to key project stakeholders. We also kick-started projects activities to ensure the successful implementation of the Ripple Effect Initiative in several areas in Ghana. During the trip, we also filmed storytellers, conducted key informant interviews, and worked on a movie production.
It was fun!!!

My first Christmas outside Ghana

Christmas day with buddies

Christmas day on 25th December 2017 was a memorable day for me. It was my first Christmas outside Ghana without my family. I spent the day with my church family and my roommates.

We cooked, ate together and also exchanged gifts. Even though I spent the day without my family, my US church family and my roommates made it fun and memorable.

Thanksgiving Day with Sue

I had the opportunity to celebrate my first Thanksgiving Day in the United States with Sue and her family. Sue Ron Gonzalez and her son Jonny Gonzalez prepared varieties of American dishes to celebrate the day. The food was really delicious and the company at the dinner table was very friendly and interactive. I really had a great time.

With Sue and her family



Ignorance Versus Wisdom, Who Won!


Source: (Bonnie Jo Mount / Washington Post)

Source: (Bonnie Jo Mount / Washington Post)

I am an early morning person, and I like mornings. Every morning brings a new joy, new hope, and a new breeze in my life – that’s what I like most of the morning. One fine night I slept free of sorrow and sadness and woke up to see and enjoy the new spirit, zeal, and breeze of the dawn. Unfortunately, I opened my social media and saw the news that terrorists have attacked a Army Public School Peshawar, Pakistan.

My first Model UN experience in New York


The NGO Leadership Development Association Albania has, for the first time, been represented at the Model United Nations in New York City. Earlier several months ago, the President of LDA Albania & Kosovo, Marilo Meta, a 25 year old, traveled to the United States to take part in the prestigious academic competition.

Speaking about his experience, Marilo stated, “Travelling to New York has always been one of my dreams. When I heard about the upcoming Model United Nations, I was determined to take part. I informed my organization LDA Albania to represent them in United Nations, New York, USA.


Women Economic Development that is supposedly intended to advance women’s right could have incredible spin-offs: Double-digit GDPs’ growth in the MENA region

When it comes to women rights (and more specifically women economic development that I am more familiar with), I like to think of it as human rights. Women rights are human rights! But then I remind myself of how overwhelming the social injustices are for women globally -who make up most (70%) of the world poor (solely on an economic lens -sorry for the insensitive word-); and just feel the surge to set aside a separate class of human rights shedding lights on the unique challenges facing women and girls.