Must have mobile apps in the US and how to use them Part 4: Ebay

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After seeing how to use and install three of the most important apps that you must have in the US, today we will see another app that is fellow friendly in terms of prices.

You must have heard of Ebay before back home, you may know that it is an app/website similar to Amazon, and that it is dedicated to buy things on the net, but you probably didn’t try it out and don’t know what’s the difference between Ebay and the other shopping apps.

Difference between Ebay and the rest of shopping apps:

Must have mobile apps in the US and how to use them Part 3: Lyft

Welcome to my third blog relating the US must have apps.

In the last blog, we have shown you how to install and use Uber app. Uber isn’t the only available taxi app in the US, there’s actually a competitor called Lyft.

Why do I need Lyft if I already have Uber?

Well, let’s say you will book a flight ticket while you are living on a budget, would you select the first ticket you find on the net, or will you look for that flight in different airlines websites and choose the affordable one, the second options right? So that’s why you should have both Lyft and Uber installed as this will allow you to compare fare prices and choose the affordable one.

Baseball, More than a Game

Thanks to Eric Boyle, my awesome local ambassador, I had my first baseball experience in my entire life on April 27, 2018. The game took place between Arizona Diamondbacks and Washington Nationals and which ended 5-4. My intention here is not giving a professional baseball analysis, but my perception of what baseball means for Americans. Below are my takeaways from that night.

DC I love you BUT…

Just got back home from the first day of immersion (my first Global Learning Lab) and sitting on my bed it makes me reflect on the past week I spent traveling so far away from home. I mean, literally, I am like continents apart from home and I don’t think I had ever imagined. Suddenly, Atlas Corps Fellowship looks way more real from this part of the world.

This past week taught me how to open a bank account in the Bank of America, have bagels and coffee in breakfast and find a metro that leads to my room (which incidentally, it does not), order my j1 sim and of course say ‘Awesome’, like the sun shines for me, in just about everything I hear.

Erasing The Rules

Hello Atlas Corps Community,

Reporting from the highest terraces of San Francisco’s art scene in my Graphic Blog #11 – A photovisual account of the Robert Rauschenberg temporary exhibition curated by SFMOMA. Museum Memberships DO pay off. Up next week, René Magritte.

This is SFMOMA´s statement of the exhibition.

Disclaimer: I am (again sadly) not Mr. Rauschenberg nor do I have ownership or rights to any of his artworks displayed above. The previous statement applies to all logos. All photographs were taken by me and were authorized by staff from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

‘I don’t decide to represent anything except myself. But that self is full of collective memory’ – Darwish

Mahmoud Darwish is the greatest poets of the modern era and the national poet of Palestine. Born in 1941 in the village of al-Birwa in Western Galilee and fled to Lebanon in 1948 when Israeli forces attacked his village. His works reflect the endless conflict between Palestine and the Apartheid and touch profoundly the loss of his homeland, exile, dispossession and the fallen humanity.

‘Exile is more than a geographical concept. You can be in exile in your homeland, in your own house, in a room’ – Darwish

‘What’s the worth of a man
Without a homeland,
Without a flag,
Without an address?
What is the worth of such a man?’

Tunisia: The new face of local elections in the age of democracy

May 6th, 2018, was a remarkable date to remember by all Tunisians, and the world. in Tunisia, 7,212 municipal councilors were elected in the 350 municipalities in the country. The “big winner” of the vote is abstention, which stands at 64%. On the side of political parties, the two parties that dominate Tunisian life arrive unsurprisingly in the lead, Ennahdha, moderate islamist party, with 29% of the vote and the ruling party Nidaa Tounes 21% (respectively 30% and 22% of seats). But the surprise comes from the score of independent lists, which confused all political parties. Independents won 33% of the seats.

Applying for a DC ID

If you have more than two* months in DC, then this post might be of your interest! Forget about carrying your passport everywhere and request a DC ID (Limited Purpose Non-Driver Identification Card) at one of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the city. With this ID you can have the same benefits as a regular DC resident: use of the community center and all the facilities they provide (swimming pools, free classes like yoga or kickboxing, etc.)

*I did it after four months of being here, but checking the website it says now that you need to show a proof of 6-months DC residency