Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteerism – Should it be an Agenda for Development?

Now-a-days, we often hear about Entrepreneurs – one who take ownership to launch a new venture, enterprise or initiative taking challenges and risks, and undertaking the understanding and the sole responsibility of the outcomes.  Social entrepreneurs, similarly, are the change agents of a society with visionary, ambitious and persistence personalities who inject innovative solutions to address social problems.

Entrepreneurship has gained world-wide attention and is a major topic of discussion these days. Either in business sector or social sector, the contributions that the entrepreneurs have made and their impacts are highly appreciative and worth mentioning. And, as more and more countries face resource constraints, increasing social problems and economic down-turn, their importance has grown even more.

Let’s Start the New Year 2012 with more Enthusiasm and Determination

Over the next 72 hours, the year 2011 has to pull the bow to make room for the year 2012. As the saying: “A year goes, another comes, and it is life that growing up.” The New Years, we always wish better, different. We hope very sincerely that they will be. I leave you the pleasure or displeasure to take stock of 2011. Whatever you conclude, the promise to yourself, to your friends, your community, your country, will be with no doubt, may 2012 be better! In this case, you have no choice than to work there. Life is not worth the trouble of living, if we do not live it like a dream. The dreams of one can be different from another, however if everyone comes to make joint efforts with determination towards achieving the desired ideal, I would like to reassure me that human being will live in a better world from this upcoming New Year. Are you a social, economic, or political leader? What is your dream for the New Year or what contribution would you make in building a better world? – Well, if you have never thought, it is high time to get to the spot, for prosperous life begins with a dream and our most precious sense is the vision of the mind. Take a minute and let us think about these three examples:

GlobalGiving is hosting workshop on online fundraising in Washington, DC – January, 12, 2012

Do you work with a great US-based nonprofit, or do you know of a nonprofit that could use fundraising support? Or, are you a social entrepreneur looking for a sustainable source of income for your project? As the global economy finds its balance again, GlobalGiving provides unique tools to help nonprofits expand and activate their donor networks.

Social Media for Learning

In December of this year I started working on an exciting new project with Habitat for Humanity. As you might know, I work for the International Learning and Organizational Department (ILOD from now on) in the Atlanta International Headquarters. Since my time here until last month I have been working on the technical production of e-learning courses and tutorials, as well as doing other administrative tasks that, although they are not very exciting, are helping me improve my written and spoken English considerably. The new project that I started working on has been a challenge and quite a learning process so I wanted to share it with you all:

Africa’s Cheetah Generation

George Ayittey, a Ghanaian economist, author and president of the Free Africa Foundation in Washington DC, wrote a book titled “Africa Unchained: The Blueprint to Africa’s Future” in 2006. In the book, the American University Professor sought to answer the question of why Africa is considered poor in spite of its vast natural resources. According to him, the answer is obvious: economic freedom was denied to them, first by foreign colonial powers and now by indigenous leaders with similarly oppressive practices, he opines. As war and conflict replaced peace, Africa’s infrastructure crumbled.

2012: Opening the Borders of Africa

Today is Boxing Day, and as I join people around the world to celebrate, I probably also share in the mix feeling of apprehension and excitement that approaching the end of the year is famous for. Apprehension for ticking of the clock for goals we couldn’t hit in the year, and excitement for the possibilities in the coming year. As these thoughts flux in and out of me, I can’t also help thinking of Africa, and the auspicious moment its in. An era where its prolonged birth pangs is about to bring in a fresh start, and a new generation bracing for business, social and ultimately political leadership.

mHealth Summit 2011: Mobile phones addressing maternal and child health issues:

This month, I had the opportunity to attend the mhealth summit 2011. In this summit attendees came together to learn, share and discuss the power and potential of mobile technology to address global and maternal health issues. It has ended with exciting and innovative ways of using technology for global health. It was interesting to learn about ongoing innovations in maternal and newborn health from different parts of the world. I congratulate all those working on maternal health issues, and look forward to celebrate the growth of such programs. Several experts in the field presented their experiences of implementing mHealth projects. The mobile phone solution contributes a major role in achieving MDG 4&5 and it should be considered by maternal health policy makers in developing countries. I would like to share some studies presented by the speakers in mhealth summit emphasizing on the importance of mobile phones in addressing MDG 4 & 5.

Atlas Corps Invites Applications for New June 2012 Fellowship!

Atlas Corps Invites Applications for a New June 2012 Class (U.S.)

*Priority consideration will be given to those who meet specific position-specific criteria (see below for details)

Deadline: January 29th 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time

Atlas Corps is an overseas fellowship for the world’s best nonprofit leaders. Our mission is to address critical social issues by developing leaders, strengthening organizations, and promoting innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled nonprofit professionals.

We Did It! Atlas Corps Top 5 of Our 5th Year….


Atlas Corps Logo

Happy (almost) New Year!

Last year, Atlas Corps put out an ambitious call to action – to double the size of our organization. In 2011, in honor of our 5th Anniversary and the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps, we wanted to engage 50 Fellows from 25 countries in 100,000 hours of service. Now, I’m proud to report – WE DID IT!!!

>Last Thank you for your belief in our mission. Thank you for being an active part of our network. And, above all, thank you for your support. Fellow Lillian Sowande (Nigeria) captures the power of this network:


“After four months living in the “Black Mecca”, and discovering more every day, I feel I know nothing.” C. Andoni

Named after the railroad route built to link the port of Savannah and the Midwest, Atlanta (short for Atlantica-Pacifica), became the capitol of Georgia in 1868.

The Metro Atlanta area, which encompasses the city of Atlanta and spans up to 28 counties in Northern Georgia is home to over 7 million people.