New Organizational Culture In The Making


As a mid-career professional who has served in quite a few organizations in my time I have always either been told or made felt that I was part of a bigger organizational “family.”  Each time I hear this, I could not help but smile as the famous song” We are family” by Sister Sledge was playing in my head. Coming from an Asian culture where we place a high emphasis on family values, I found this notion a very healthy and homogeneous practice. One could argue it can create a conducive environment that propel productivity and staff satisfaction in the long run. Similarly, one could argue it is a false assumption. I leave you to draw your own experience to be your own judge.  If I am to talk about myself,  in past tense, I have been programed to believe that whoever did not fit into this “family” culture is a misfit. Hence, I have been an ardent supporter of this notion fully embracing the family culture in all my previous organizations until I met Connor Diemand-Yauman.

What do you mean I’ve been here for 4 months?

September 9th 2016. The day I arrived to Washington, DC. I cannot believe it’s already December 31st. I can still recall that day on September when I was struggling with 2 suitcases bigger than myself, to try to get to the first floor of the hostel we were staying at. My heart was full  of emotions! Happiness,excitement, OMG, and a bit of sadness…

“Am I really living in DC?”
I kept thinking that for the first 2 weeks.

Blue Bayou ( Being on the Road)


Take a song like ‘Blue Bayou”  that is a simple song about being on the road. It probably sounds very lonesome but on the contrary, it is a happy song, “Where the folks are fun and the world is mine on Blue Bayou, where those fishing boats with their sails afloat, If I could only see that familiar sunrise through sleepy eyes, how happy I’d be”. It’s a beautiful thought. Similarly, my mind drifted away on a similar experience of my own in a new country going from location to location and traveling across state lines to finally be here in the sunshine state of California that can be only compared to the scenery mentioned in the song. How I ended up here is by no means an act of serendipity. It has a beginning, middle and an end with a chain of events dovetailed into one another.

Year-End Fundraising Surviving Toolkit. Vol. 1. December Edition


Year-End Fundraising Surviving Toolkit

Seriously, this is the busiest time of the year of any development professional. Even if you started planning your year-end campaign a year ago, there is always something that appears from nowhere. So double-checking won’t hurt at all.

Here’s a concise toolkit that might help you to survive till the final of a year-end giving campaign. It might not, but anyway 10% of annual donations to charities that are made during the year’s last 48 hours will not come by themselves. 

My First Thanksgiving With A Different Flavor


Thanksgiving is one of the significant holidays in the United States calendar from both cultural and historical perspectives. It is a reminiscence of a bygone history which shed light to the clash of two civilizations, the new settlers, and the native American Red Indians.  In the modern day, it is a moment we take the time to observe the history as well as a wonderful occasion where families and friends come together for a bountiful meal.

Rethinking the future of education in Africa: A.U Agenda 2063 in focus.


I had the opportunity of attending the World Bank Group Youth Summit on “Rethinking Education for the New Millennium” which held at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C., in November 2016. The 2-day summit brought together experts from different sectors around the world, as well as young emerging global leaders from over 90 countries, to deliberate on issues focusing on the future of education.

The 4 main subthemes of the summit centered on the following:

  • Innovation and Technology in Education
  • Skills for the New Economy
  • Gender Equality in Education
  • Education in Crisis Zones

why is impact business so important?

I am impatient for change that business is used as an effective tool to create social values as well as economic values. Specifically, I want to help more social enterprise or social venture that brings positive impact to society through business emerge and operate sustainably, thereby enriching impact business.

Then, why is impact business so important?

Challenges for Pakistan in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

aaeaaqaaaaaaaalcaaaajdvlntyyztizlwqxzjmtndbjzs1imgrhltywmzvkyzcwn2exzaGoal 4: To ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) ended in 2015 and the worldwide Nations endorsed and adopted the new development goals under the umbrella of Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) for the next fifteen years. Globally, the communities have failed to provide the quality education to all children by the end of 2015, as committed in MDGs. Similarly, Pakistan the sixth most populous country in the world also lacked behind the desired targets of providing quality education to all children. Whereas, Constitution of Pakistan also makes it mandatory for the Federal and Provincial Governments to provide free quality education to all children between the age of 5-16 years. Where it has been acknowledged as fundamental rights for all children to get access to the universal education up to secondary level.