DS 2019 You need to carry when you travel

I went to Canada during the Christmas break.
I stayed there about 1 week.
It was fantastic and relaxing since Vancouver is not as crowd as Washington DC.

When I entered Canadian border by car, everything was quite smooth. I did not have to pay or get off from the car.
I just showed my passport to the Canadian officer. That was it.

So, I was thinking it would be okay on the way back to the states as nothing special happened to me when I was passing the border.

Once Upon a Month: Raised Curtains

(For a better experience, read while listening to Enya’s “May It Be”. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8u4VLk0iTI)

James: How pretty she is! She’s always in my view at the office, and I admire her every day.

Rose: She’s green.

James: Rose, I think you envy her.

Chang: I wonder what you think of this passing year.

James: Who? You mean for Tina?

Chang: Yeah.

Zahra: Interesting. James, I thought she was Libertina?

James: Still is. Tina’s a short form of Libertina.


2017 was a tough year as all years were, at the end of each year we look back to our experiences and the lessons that shaped both our perspectives and personalities.

This year I have met more people than I will my entire life, people from East and South, North and West.

As we move forward to the next year, never be afraid to gaze at your future as you shape it.

Happy New Year!

Celebrating Friendships

As iron sharpens iron, so does friend sharpen friend….

2017 has been a good year, and indeed 2018 will even be greater. As I count down to 2018, I am celebrating the friends I have made through the Atlas Corps Fellowship.

To many more good friendships, happy new year.


As iron sharpens iron, so does friend sharpen friend….

TEAM BUILDING: Scavenger Hunt escapade with Philanthropy University Team

TEAM BUILDING: Scavenger Hunt escapade with Philanthropy University Team

As a result of an amazing onboarding methodology to the “town culture” only to be found and uniquely practiced at this organization, Philanthropy University team does not require any additional team building exercise per se. The scavenger hunt was one of many other events we do randomly as a healthy deviation to our busy work schedules.

Our recent scavenger hunt, took place on a Friday afternoon where the entire team took to the streets of downtown Oakland. The team was split into two, “Bantosaurus” & “Team PUSH”. With activities lined up on an “app”, to say this was entirely a digital scavenger hunt”. As much as it was fun running around the streets on financial districts of downtown Oakland. It was a treat to discover, learn the history of the city, the buildings, and monuments.

The scavenger hunt took me to little pockets of the city that I have never been in spite of living here for almost year. The activities were point based with a clock ticking. Some of the highlights were taking pictures in front of a certain venue, building, or simply to answer a trivia.


Before we even set out to become a fellow our beloved Program Manager Nick Cortina  @AtlasCorps sent us a meticilous work of art called the Housing e-mail. Detailing all the options there are for us to find the suitable housing for the coming year… Did it help? Yes!  I thank Nick for his detailed work!

Over the past seven years of my young adult life I have been a roommate to many. As you may have been too… Some of these houses were more intercultural houses, some were merely more social, some were tranquil… yet here I am sharing an apartment with two other people from Honduras and Puerto Rico – YES, I am based in DC.

The involvement of youth in the active life is essential and fundamental for the future of a country

  The contribution of the young population can be negative and destructive if young people feel ignored, neglected and self-taught. However, it could become positive and constructive if consideration and attention are given to them. In additin,one of the most important points that political powers and civil society must develop, as a priority is investment in people and especially in young people.

  Investing in young people means preparing them to become good citizens actively engaged in society to improve the common fate of their co-citizens.It is about developing in these young people certain essential values ​​of citizenship.Among these we can mention:

Happy New Year 2018!

Dear colleagues and friends!

As now 2017 is packing up and 2018 just around the corner, I come to realize once more how blessed I’m to be surrounded by caring and amazing people like you. I’m so thankful to all of you for supporting and trusting me. You are all awesome!

May you and your dear families have Joyful Holidays and a very Happy New Year 2018!

I wish one day I could turn back the unlimited respect I do have for all of you.

Respectfully yours,


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