Making the Environment Healthier


As I tell them that I work at the Center for Environmental Health, I prepare to hear the same old question  by a brand new person: What does your organization do? So In the land of the lay, I keep the jargon at bay, and tell them this story of a beautiful day.

On a nice sunny afternoon, two year old Johnny kept rolling on the artificial turf installed in his backyard while suckling on his pacifier, as his 4 year old sister kept forming letters by putting together painted alphabet blocks. Meanwhile Instead of keeping an eye on the kids, their father had dozed off on the comfy new garden chair, as their mother walked in carrying a tray of freshly baked ginger cookies, a homemade mid-day snack.

How to create your life plan (Hive Global Leadership Program)


When I attended Hive’s Global Leadership program in San Francisco between May 26th to May 30th, I didn’t really expect that what I was going to do in the future. I mean I know what I will do right after I go back to Korea early July as I got a job there. But it was a great opportunity for me to think of it seriously during the program. Over hundred innovators and creators from 40 countries gathered together. Following by the workbook “Designing Your Life,” I tried to explore what makes me come alive, what I am good at and what does the world need. Under those questions, there are reasonable flows to think and find each answer to reach out to lifetime goals.

Designing for Learner-centered Activities


At Mozilla, we see teaching as mentoring: our facilitators are not just “covering the material,” they’re thinking about meeting learners where they are and moving them forward. Facilitators welcome all questions, encourage risk-taking, and understand the value of mistakes and failures as powerful learning moments. They remember that being a learner (encouraging behaviors such as trying new things, keeping an open mind, taking risks, changing, and iterating) is at the core of being a good facilitator.

1. What does “learner-centered education” mean?

“I can’t teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” – Socrates

Learning by Making in Mozilla


Mozilla Clubs promote learning experiences that are goal-oriented, hands-on, and designed to support real work for projects that further open research and open source.

At Mozilla, we’re dedicated to coupling our digital literacy programs with a “make first” approach. We don’t think the Web should be taught traditionally, with textbooks and a blackboard. The “sage on the stage” approach is directly oppositional to the distributed and participatory nature of the Web we champion. Instead, learners should start by doing what they eventually intend to master: building apps, remixing content, creating web pages, and more. This “make first” approach has always guided Mozilla’s Learning Networks, a collection of Hives, Clubs, and annual celebrations like Maker Party and MozFest “. Chris Lawrence VP of Leadership, Mozilla Foundation.

Global Issues Cause Global Cooperation: Peacekeeping, 3D, R2P

This article firstly was published in Diplomatic Courier, Special 10 Year Anniversary Edition: Volume 10, Issue 3, June 2016.

Globalization and the issues of interdependence and interconnectedness make people perceive daily life in a new way. With the increasing number of international and interstate conflicts and crises the civilian population has become the most disadvantaged: women, children, and elderly people suffer, and it concerns developing countries (failed and weak states) and also the states with historic level of peace and security. Twenty years ago, Europe experienced the most terrible human tragedy after the II World War: mass killings, assassination, enormous refugee flows. The humanitarian catastrophe in the Balkan Peninsula has posed new questions about the future of peace operations, i.e. the question of peace enforcement concept.

Glimpse of Queer Feminist Youth Activism in India: A Talk

During the 4th Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, I spoke during the plenary session titled ‘To The Point’ where I talk about a bit of creating safe spaces for queer and trans folk through my work, including ending criminalization of trans folks and sex work. Enjoy the video!

My First Month into the Best Global Changemakers Fellowship Program


Three months back, I read a piece in Huffington post ( that included Atlas Corps in the list of top five fellowship programs to jumpstart one’s journey as a Global Changemaker. As someone about to join Atlas Corps Class 21, I was curious as to what made Atlas Corps so special to be included in such a small and selective list, while keeping various other programs out. After spending a month here in Washington DC, I can now testify to the verdict of this particular post.

Youth Potential in Action–My Learning Outcomes from Reviewing YLAI Applications

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The day was June 9th. I was looking forward to this day to be able to review the applications of President Obama’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative(YLAI). YLAI is a program that seeks to address the opportunity gap for youth, especially women by empowering them and other civil society leaders to enhance economic development, human rights, security, etc. in the region.

Unless you have the chance to go through the applications, you don’t know what “potential of the youth” and YLAI really mean. Lots of great ideas both in untapped markets and new areas of development, that show positive signs of prosperity that is soon to come.

What learning to DJ & making an impact have in common

crush it

It is always hard to start and may it be individuals or organizations, they struggle in the beginning but when they keep moving with a passion to do something they usually emerge as successful. I used to be a professional DJ and the most interesting thing about this is that I never knew what music mixing is until I went to a party where I was struggling to hide my helplessness in having fun with other people. It also inspired me to take initiatives in my life and I think everyone can make a difference by keeping a few things in mind.

Edit Your Dreams



When I first heard the sentence “edit your dreams” my mind went into decipher mode. I quickly tried to wrap my brain around it, and answer the gentleman in front of me. I wanted to impress. “I analyze even the most mundane things. So why can’t I show off my skills when it mattered most. Arrgghh!!!,” I thought.

My thoughts were punctuated, “edit your dreams,” he said for the second time, subtly adding “you’re here now.”  Then, it dawned on me. I was at the UN Headquarters in New York, attending a movie screening jointly organized by the US and Vietnamese Permanent Missions to the UN.