How Meditation helps you become a Better Person


For more than a few decades now, everyone has been buzzing on the concept of Meditation and Yoga and their effect in making the overall quality of life better. There are thousands of techniques to do Yoga and Meditation and people are finding time to learn one of these techniques because of the strong belief that it will bring significant positive change in their life. There have been many scientific researches that have clearly proven that these techniques not just help us keep a balance in life but reduce stress, anxiety, depression and the list goes on.

Let’s Go Back to Our Childhood

dollsIt is usually said that childhood is the most beautiful period of life. Every dream seems realizable when you are a child. Being away from the negative feelings like hatred; the children do not discriminate any one on the basis of caste or creed.

Some days ago, I saw some little girls playing in the street in front of my apartment at Channel Square. They were playing with their dolls that were amazing and a bit funny.  They had re-painted the faces of their dolls and some were really looking a part of a horror fiction.

Use Your Failures to Ease Problems, Improve on Weaknesses.

Learning from mistakes is a key for benevolent and empowering leaders because power tends to concentrate on certain elements of interest and this may unconsciously daunt others’ interest over time. Because roles of power are fluid in collaborative groups, part of a leader’s job is to sense when and how to pass the power on. Power circulates, and we can trust that, when we let go, others will take on the tasks and responsibilities, freeing us up to find new areas of interest and new challenges if not, your workplace suffers some failures.

SOScoup in Brazil?

o-verdadeiro-candidatoAn impeachment is a violent and abrupt blow in any democratic system. After continuous years of poor economic performance and several corruption scandals, it is understandable that people will claim for change. However, one should acknowledge that not every change is necessarily positive. In a country like Brazil, where working people are struggling to survive, and ruling classes’ profits are reducing, it is easy to grasp that vulnerable people will end up paying the bill. Therefore, in the young Brazilian democracy, an impeachment may put at stake core social programs implemented in the last decade.

Comfort Women Issue as an Inconvenient Truth

Comfort Women Issue as an Inconvenient Truth – Do you know what ‘Comfort Women’ means?

Comfort women is a historical term referring to women who were forced to provide sexual service to Japanese soldiers at military brothels called “comfort stations” established by the Japanese military in its occupied territories between 1932 and 1945. (Global Research, May 2015)”

A race between Oil & Democratic Transition

05-03-2016 - Header Blog Since early April 5th 2016, many people have been asking me,
“Hafez, what on earth is going on in Egypt”. Well, I always answer back with, “It’s the Middle East habibi”.
A very short answer that not only allows for the topic to pass, but also makes me evade explaining the long conflict of the region, and contributing my effort, time, strength, knowledge and perspectives into the topic. That is until I found a much easier and more relatable answer that could more or less explain to my American friends the situation in Egypt. What Egypt is witnessing right now is a demo of what the United States of America could be witnessing if one of the Republicans wins.

Why Do We, Not?

Why giphyWhile you are reading this, think of a tune, more like something from the sound of music, in your head, and then read on with that tune playing in your head. This is not plain text that you are reading here. This is a song that you are composing.

The Zika and I



During my last visit to Colombia to attend the International Civil Society Week at the end of April in Bogota, I took some time to visit my family in Palmira, my home town, located in the southwest of the country. Palmira, it’s a beautiful city, surrounded by sugar cane plantations and a summer climate all year round. Unfortunately, one of its inhabitants is the famous aedes mosquito, transmitter of diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and zika. I ran with such bad luck of being bitten and getting zika.

Why is a part of my heart “Oranje”? (borrel and gezellig)

Before embarking on the Atlas Corps Fellowship program and having a life-learning exchange with YFU, I organized the first borrel for the Dutch Alumni in my Tomsk.

At last! A “big orange sun” has risen in far-off Siberia!

“On September 7, 2015 the first informal meeting (‘borrel’ in Dutch), was held in Tomsk with the assistance of the Netherlands Alumni Network in Russia and Nuffic Neso, the official representative of higher education in the Netherlands.

Both graduates of Dutch universities such as the University of Amsterdam and Maastricht University in Venlo and special guests including Professor Andrei S. Babenko, a Doctor of Biological Sciences and the head of the Department of Plant Protection at Tomsk State University (TSU) were present.