If you seek wisdom, listen to the children

Kids get it. They really do.

How often do we listen to children? The answer to this question is perhaps the biggest takeaway I am taking home to Mexico tomorrow: not nearly enough.

Serving in a nonprofit whose reason for existing is the powerful drive to do anything in our power to improve the wellbeing of children has allowed me to design, implement, and evaluate youth empowerment projects. There is nothing quite like it. It redefines who you are. I can’t picture a setting where your very foundation does not shake after seeing a child’s awe when they realize they just packed over 300 suppers with their friends in one hour. It’s a micro-expression; a split second is all you get. It is powerful.

From Boston to the World- Resisting Forced Evictions and Displacement

Plenary session at the Global Convergence workshop

Plenary session at the MIT Global Convergence workshop

For many in the developing world, the phenomenon of forced eviction and displacement requires little introduction because either you have lived through it or have been around those who have. The most intriguing for me, however, is displacement by development. Unlike war or natural calamities, development is supposed to make lives better but in many situations, it ends up harming the same people it seeks to help.

Class 14 Graduation Speech

December 15th 2014.

Good Evening Fellow-Fellows, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Courage, someone once said; is what it takes to stand up and speak…but it is also what it takes to seat down and listen… and so I want to thank all of you for demonstrating your courage and by letting a stranger (to some of you)- address you this fine evening!

They hit where it hurts the most

I read and heard somewhere that history repeats itself but never had idea that it will repeat itself so painfully. December 16, 2014 is another black day of the history (after December 16, 1971 when Pakistan was broken into two parts, which is now known as Bangladesh) when a senseless act of unspeakable brutality was done. There were few insane human like beasts (Taliban Militants) atrociously attacked a school and turned cherish of toddlers and adolescents into tears and fear, despair and death of scores of children.

Dec 16 2014

Attack on School in Pakistan resulted more than 140 deaths

How Diaspora influence their home countries

The available literature seems to suggest there are two ways that diaspora influence their home countries. The first and widely known aspect of influence is through financial remittances while there is another aspect of social remittances. Social remittances merit attention for several reasons. Mainly they convey or possibly transfer new ideas, values, beliefs and behaviours as well as also transferring technology and knowledge. They also encompass ideas about gender, race, and class identity.

Keeping the tradition alive EKTA DAY ايڪتا ڏهاڙو

It has been six years now that, every first Sunday of December is marked as “Sindhi Topi Day / EKTA Day” (means day to display solidarity, demonstrate culture and keep our tradition alive). In theory all it portray so glossy and colorful picture, but let’s dive deep to see that if, the current scenario of Sindh depict the same bright side.

It is widely acknowledged fact that care, collaboration, courage, compassion, dignity, development, enlightenment, education, peace, prosperity, tolerance and togetherness are essential element to promote culture and heritage and keep tradition alive. But……

The Volunteer Day

la foto (1)Today is the day of the volunteering. By definition it is understand that a volunteer is somebody who freely offers to undertake a task or service. Yesterday I had the chance to share with students from George Washington University about how to be part of a service learning program as volunteer impacts in your life in a holistic way.

DC fellows, let’s recycle!

Some of my fellows roommates didn’t know what and how to recycle so I decided to write this, hope it will be useful! :)

Growing up I remember a few times when my middle school started to recycle can and we got a can crusher. I loved that thing and would go there all the time to crush stuff. And then time has passed and I became a recycling monster/ geek/ fanatic!!