5-18-2016 - Header BlogToday is the #IDAHOT (International day against Homophobia and Trans-phobia)
It is a day to spread awareness against all the hate their is against anyone who is different…
Many of the hate i receive when i talk about issues Homophobia, especially on Facebook, comes by Homophobic (or people who do not know enough about the issue) educating me how its a sin….
I would previously try to make them understand, that its not a sin, it exists in nature, its not a choice, we need to accept others the same way we want to be accepted.
today I will just say …the world is moving forward, just like the world moved away from slavery 200 years ago (60 years for Saudi Arabia), your opinion of today and your Homophobia and Trans-phobia and Bi-phobia will stay with you only, it will end with the next generation.
A Survey was issued today by ILGA showing that the average acceptance in the Arab world has jumped to 27% compared to just 3-7% prior to the Arab spring.
so PLEASE, don’t hate others because they “SIN” differently.
or just don’t hate others, unless they do you personal physical harm…

Reflection: 3-Month Milestone

I am now at the 3-month milestone on my journey as an Atlas Corps Emerging Global Leader Fellow. This is the opportune time to reflect on my experience to date and measure achievements against planned objectives.

I started this journey with a sense of indifference and accepting that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  So my one goal was that, at the end of this fellowship, I should be a better version of myself.  Yes, it is almost SMART – not that specific but, it is measurable, achievable, relevant, and definitely time-bound.   Hence, to make it more specific, I defined “better version of myself” as growth, both professionally and personally. Finally, I established two strategic objectives to guide this growth, listing the desired outcome to measure success.

Sustain your Fellowship Independently to Remember Atlas Corps

The Atlas Corps’ fellowship has been a great knowledge and understanding of how we can change the world in different aspect based on traditional and cultural settings of our societies. This doesn’t mean that we are solidly opposing what other profit and nonprofit global leaders are doing in the society but we are looking on another way of designing and doing it for the betterment of the future.

“Return from the United States’ Washington DC to South Sudan”

Lebanon does it again.

5-9-2016 Headline BlogJudge Janet Hanna of theBeirut, Lebanon Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a transgender man seeking to change his gender marker on public records and in the national civil registry. The decision marks the first time in Lebanon that a person has legally been able to change their gender marker. Many activists in the region are highlighting this as an important step toward equality.

Lebanon has the reputation of being the most LGBT-friendly Arab country. The nightlife in Beirut is relatively larger than any other Arab city, with many LGBT bars and clubs. However, discriminatory laws and policies persist.

You Have the Power to Change the World


With over a decade experience in the humanitarian and social development sector in health, education, and child protection, an equitable qualification and exposure to different contexts and environments, I had well utilized opportunities in polishing my skills and grabbing expertise on different aspects of projects and program management & development. However, with all the goods of the wide array of skills and expertise I had, the touch of a global perspective and internationalized experience was lacking to gauge and grow my professional tier, and serve in accordance to the standards used at the highest levels of the global development process. This urge pushed me to strive and search for an opportunity to meet the career objective, and I stumbled upon the prestigious Atlas Corps – an Opportunity of a Lifetime.

Two Gazans and “3000 Nights” Movie


This blog was first publish at the Huffington Post-The World Post (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/asmaa-abumezied/two-gazans-and-3000-night_b_9781326.html)

Two Palestinians, Heba and I, coming from the biggest prison in the world, Gaza, went to watch one of the few movies about Palestinians in Israeli prisons during filmfest DC this Saturday. Equipped with no expectations, we started watching “3000 Nights” – a movie by Mai Masri about “Layal,”(whose name means “Nights” in Arabic).

How Meditation helps you become a Better Person


For more than a few decades now, everyone has been buzzing on the concept of Meditation and Yoga and their effect in making the overall quality of life better. There are thousands of techniques to do Yoga and Meditation and people are finding time to learn one of these techniques because of the strong belief that it will bring significant positive change in their life. There have been many scientific researches that have clearly proven that these techniques not just help us keep a balance in life but reduce stress, anxiety, depression and the list goes on.

Let’s Go Back to Our Childhood

dollsIt is usually said that childhood is the most beautiful period of life. Every dream seems realizable when you are a child. Being away from the negative feelings like hatred; the children do not discriminate any one on the basis of caste or creed.

Some days ago, I saw some little girls playing in the street in front of my apartment at Channel Square. They were playing with their dolls that were amazing and a bit funny.  They had re-painted the faces of their dolls and some were really looking a part of a horror fiction.

Use Your Failures to Ease Problems, Improve on Weaknesses.

Learning from mistakes is a key for benevolent and empowering leaders because power tends to concentrate on certain elements of interest and this may unconsciously daunt others’ interest over time. Because roles of power are fluid in collaborative groups, part of a leader’s job is to sense when and how to pass the power on. Power circulates, and we can trust that, when we let go, others will take on the tasks and responsibilities, freeing us up to find new areas of interest and new challenges if not, your workplace suffers some failures.