One year later: Standing strong with Nepal from afar

It has been a year after the massive earthquake shook Nepal on April 25, 2015. It has nudged me to appreciate and take stock of all the changes of the past year. It was last year that I became an Atlas Corps fellow and I have had incredible opportunities to grow and learn. It has been an enormous milestone in my professional life. To summate my Atlas Corps experience in a couple of pages may not be enough however, I will attempt to ponder over a few major learning experiences that I have had.

A good match between the fellow and the host

Time for South Sudanese people to work for peace and clemency

South Sudan is the youngest Country of the world after the longtime of agony, political deadlock and marginalization of the Southern Sudan region for the period of more than 50 years by Khartoum government, but leaders have no big idea to stop the suffering of the South Sudanese people even after self-determination from Sudan. The war which emanated in December 2013 was unexpected, and should mark the end of miscalculation of how best the life of the citizens should be improved.

Successful Remote Working Setup

cloud_handshakeMy experience working in a remote setup begun in March 2014 where I monitored over 40 computer-networking devices that enabled over 3,000 students access information from the main server in University set-up. I ensured there was very minimal or no downtime of these devices. I developed a network diagram; list of the IP addresses that I could ping and also used Nagios to ensure all the devices were up and running all the time. There was no time to wait for the remote teams to call and say their devices were down, I always called first to ask why they hadn’t switched on the devices. We could then further check if it was technical or software problem; in-order-to handle it together as networking team as fast as possible to get the activities of the students back to normal. This made our work easier as we enjoyed our coffee breaks without any interruptions. We used hand-held devices to keep us updated since the university had wireless connections all over.

Delaying Peace will Protract Rebuilding South Sudan in Future.

South Sudan_mapIt’s unfortunate when monitors say South Sudan peace is at risk after rebel leader now vice president designate, Riek Machar, failed twice to return to the capital Juba to end the country’s two and half year brutal war. If peace continues to be delayed in South Sudan, the country may continue to loss generations over generations and may face difficulties in rebuilding its citizens or the infrastructural system. Many youths, civil servants are becoming soldiers leaving the education, health system poor, oppressing and so discriminating that one cannot be able to continue. Some public sectors such as schools and hospitals in the country have been destroyed, damaged and looted by armed groups during ¬
inter-communal violence and border incursions after December, 15, 2013 war in the country. Some of the buildings were used for military purposes leaving hundreds of thousands of children out of school. Hunger is still a problem. Furthermore, South Sudan’s protracted civil war has devastated the economic conditions of the country due to poor education. At least there is no secure and hopefully environment for working freely in the country. There is doubt South Sudan’s youths may follow their elders’ leadership style of mistrust, corruption, tribalism, attitude of violence and aggression.

I hate Good bye, so please “Aawjo”

Atlas Corps Fellowship is truly a celebration of global diversity where by sharing house with people you never met, different from your own background, and you become like family members in very short while. Yes, I am referring the cool fellows from three different continents, i.e. Africa, Asia and South America, sharing Warder House. Despite of that we all are from different countries, speak different languages, grown up in different culture, eat different food and so on, still there is something common that bring us together, that is adaptability, and compassion.

Sharing experiences and thoughts (Interview part 1)

One of the most beautiful things of the Fellowship is crossing your way with amazing people from around the world. Fellows become a very important part of this adventure, sharing with you the good and the bad moments.
During my time in the United States I have had the chance to meet very special people who always have good advices and experiences to tell. In the first part of this blog, I would like to share one interview that I did to my friend Angela Betancur, Class 16, Colombia and in my next blog I will have a secret guest ;). I hope all of you enjoy this blog.

Meeting with Justice Sotomayor? Really?

Part of my role in Istanbul was working at the American Studies Center, and during graduate school I had taken many classes on American politics. I loved learning about the American presidential system, lobbying in the U.S., and the Supreme Court. During my Atlas Corps fellowship, I have had the opportunity to begin following these issues even more closely. I feel especially lucky to be in Washington, DC, the heart of American politics, during a presidential election year.

Humanizing security and defense


“…to protect the vital core of all human lives in ways that enhance human freedoms and human fulfillment. Human security means protecting fundamental freedoms – freedoms that are the essence of life. It means protecting people from critical (severe) and pervasive (widespread) threats and situations. It means using processes that build on people’s strengths and aspirations. It means creating political, social, environmental, economic, military and cultural systems that together give people the building blocks of survival, livelihood and dignity.”

UN Commission on Human Security, 2003