The long period of civil war in South Sudan has destroyed a lot of potential cadres starting from fifties of the 20th century to the recent war after the independent in December 2013. This war has not only affected the lost of dear once but have created other mental and trauma problem among communities and they have lived with that for all these period of time without any medication.
according to Dr. Atong Ayweil Longar who is the only psychiatric consultant engaged by the National Ministry of health in South Sudan, says the latest 19 months of conflict between the Government of South Sudan and rebel group led by the former vice president Riek Machar, have INCREASED the incidence of conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder and social aggressiveness THROUGHOUT the country. She added that “what is happening now in South Sudan in a professional point of view we are having a patient who is already traumatized for a long time which is for the last 21 years. In a way or another, they managed to cope with this but the problem is that those stresses don’t heal now and cause problem now it cause problem in a long term”.
Atong added “The recent crises although it is for short period of time compare with the first civil war; it causes more effect. Because the South Sudanese are already weak and their defense mechanism is weaken as well. So when that subjected into this, the population started showing a frank symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder”.
Communities across South Sudan now days they seems to be frustrated. Most of the time you could see people are being aggressive in their daily life. You meet people in a public transport or in market sometimes they start fighting physically for a minor reason, some even go further as attacking individuals which some time might end into killings and might involve community attack as well. In Wau town
Dr. Atong saya the South Sudan Ministry of Health is trying their best to help by providing assistance to people affected by mental illnesses. That is because; many communities are not aware of themselves being sick and are in need of help. Some even go further to self medicate themselves by consume a lot of alcohol or other drugs.
No organization is interested now offering help in mental illnesses in South Sudan Dr. Atong says even though there numerous of humanitarian organizations operating in the country but they prefer to invest in Malaria, Malnutrition and mother and child health care…etc. because these and other diseases are also a big issue facing the health sector in South Sudan.
I am here appealing to whoever reads this article and interested in investing in mental illnesses in South Sudan; please don’t hesitate to offer that help.
I could be reached through: michael.atit@atlascorps.org/ malesh.atit@gmail.com

Trust Yourself!

I’m recently having the most difficult time in my life. Sadly, I have to move away from my lover and friends in a month and will be heading to a new country to study alone. Fortunately I’ve learned from my mom how to encourage myself to keep moving forward and achieve something I want without hesitation. When I was a little girl my mom always told me “Julie, don’t be scared of new challenges. Think of something you’d like to accomplish and make a plan for doing it! You’re a very special girl. Everything will work out for the best!”

Three tips I’ve gained!

My fellowship has officially ended today and I became an alumna of the Atlas Corps. I wanted to share what I learned through my fellowship with my fellow fellows! Before I start telling my story, I want to thank Atlas Corps, Asan Nanum Foundation, Net Impact and San Francisco Department on the Status of Women for designing this amazing fellowship program and giving me this great opportunity, and most importantly, the support and encouragement which they have provided. They have empowered me to become stronger and to take a proactive role in my life. I now know who I am, what my values are, and what my future can become.

Using Technology for Human Trafficking Prevention

For last couple years, Silicon Valley companies have been exploring how to share information to develop global prevention strategies based on traffickers’ behaviors, and implementing technology to combat human trafficking. Data analysis, image recognition and mapping programs have been helping law enforcement, governments and anti-trafficking nonprofits identify their victims. With a victim’s snapshot and technology, analysts can track and find modified images used to sell victims for sex online. As such, with the rapid growth of social networking and technology innovation is in many ways better suited to tackle the issue of trafficking than even specialized government agencies.

New York. Land of no one, land of all. How Collective Identity has served well to capitalism.

Getting inside the metro wagon of the subway in New York is like meeting the world’s face for the first time. The world is inside those wagons and you’re able to mingle with it in the long traveling minutes that you spend there. Every day that I get to experience this, I observe quietly the dynamic and conduct codes that are happening in front of me. New York’s attitude and identity is portrayed here. Let me explain you,

“What does not kill you makes you stronger”

Working shoulder to shoulder with the community may be hard at times, however, it brings many rewards. It is great to see the change on the people around you!DSC04686

She is Violet (her name has been changed due to confidentiality). She is Latin and  was born 18 years ago in a Central American country. As many of the youth who I have had the opportunity to meet during my fellowship, she had to face many challenges since she was little. She never had a parent that cared about her but her grandmother.

Are LGBTI Rights the Alpha and Omega? I wonder!!

The Red Pepper tabloid published a list of names of gay Ugandans, inciting fear and violence.  Photograph by Stephen Wandera

The Red Pepper tabloid published a list of names of gay Ugandans, inciting fear and violence.
Photograph by Stephen Wandera

As a Ugandan, am always eager to provide information about my country because it’s a worthy cause. However, am getting fatigued by questions that wreck my patience.

“Oh, so you’re from Uganda! Wait, your President says gay people should be killed and he passed a law to that effect! Do you also support that anti-gay law? Is it true that the leader of the gay people was killed by government? As a human rights activist, what are you doing to ‘HELP’ Ugandans understand that gay people have rights?”

“12 things you discover when you are a Latin American Atlas Corps Fellow in New York”

To be an Atlas Corps Fellow no matter where you are from it’s an everyday discovery experience. You do some self-discovery, some city discovery, some people discovery… anyways a little bit of everything! This blog is dedicated to all the Atlas Corps Fellows who are in the process of discovering not only how wonderful and unique this experience is, but also how wonderful and unique you can make it, if you just notice those little things…

Dedicated to those Atlas Corps Fellows who 1) just started the discovery. 2) who are in the middle of the way and 3) who are almost about to leave but are still aware that they will never stop discovering…

The Challenges of the Youth in the Americas

On past June 14th, 2015, I had the immense honor of represent the youth before the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS). I need to thank America Solidaria and Atlas Corps for making possible this fellowship in the U.S., opening new opportunities and spaces for me.


Carrying the voices The OAS is one of the oldest multilateral organizations in the world, and gathers all the sovereign nations of the American Continent.

Organizations of the civil society were granted with the amazing opportunity of expressing their concerns, motivations, dreams and demands before the delegates of the American states. And youth was also there.

Atlas Corps an Inspirational Journey!


With having over a decade experience in the humanitarian and social development sector, I realized that there is now a great deal of need for me to upgrade myself with adding education and experience from an international venue. This was the time when the urge made me start searching for an appropriate platform; a higher degree on a scholarship, an international posting or a training opportunity to re-craft my skills and add to my knowledge. That was when I stumbled upon ‘Atlas Corps’; the life changing opportunity