Men in Gender World

This week, we all marked the International Men’s Day.

Wait… “We??”…“All??”

Yeah I understand that the day must have gone unnoticed for many men and women. For me too, this was the first time I ever noticed it, even though it is believed to have existed since 1960s. Since UN does not mark it in its calendar, it does not seem to have gained much in the talk of the crowd. But, does not it seem absurd speaking of men’s rights, while the whole world has been banging heads and tables to make this world a better place for women? Conversely, is it a decent initiation to restate the role of men in women’s world towards gender equity?

Silver jubilee of UNCRC and state of children

We all know that exactly 25 years back world leaders made a promise to children, by ratifying United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child  (UNCRC) on November 20, 1989, that we will do everything in our power to protect and promote you by providing you all your rights for survival and development. You will live healthy and happy life with education, entertainment, information, empowerment, reflection and recreation. Your voice will be heard and respected. Today when we are passing 25th fall, we haven’t seen any rise in the lives of millions of children. There are 57+ million children who are denied for their basic rights of education, millions of them are on the street, either being exploited or at risk of exploitation. Under 5 mortality is as high as 91 per 1000 in some countries, which is in gross contradiction of UNCRC’s basic principle of right of survival and denial of another promise millennium development goal 4 (reduction of child mortality). Every one out of four child is at risk of sexual abuse.

#Women #Entrepreneurship , My Inspiration, My Advocacy

I am a Woman Entrepreneur (I know that you can see that I am a woman, but I just want to stress on it). This is what I decided to be, and it is very unusual for me to define myself under any category, but I proudly choose to belong to this particular one. Not being conventionally successful and not making a lot of/enough money ‘yet’, is not what is going to stop me from believing that I am already one.

Thanksgiving Time: What Are You Thankful About?



The holiday season is approaching. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it is amazing how fast time flies.

I can’t help but be thankful for the peace and normalcy that has returned to Kenya.

Not so long ago, I was on my knees gripped with fear as sounds of gunfire rendered the air in my neighborhood. I remember crawling from one room to another afraid of being spotted by the rowdy gangs who would pass by chanting war songs. Despite living in a gated community, with security guards, we still did not feel safe in our homes.


It was an action-packed, yet troubled end of the 2013 in the Republic of South Sudan. A rebellion in December of 2013 was followed by the massive massacres in early 2014. In fact, a slightly frightening presentiment of dramatic changes and a growing feeling of a weird mix of enthusiasm and insecurity were in the air since its independence in 20011. The citizens of South Sudan all hoped for the best right after the separation from Sudan, but many things didn’t change to the expectations.

I am Feminist, Sorry I mean a Humanist

Women have exaggeratedly been undermined and still are in some parts of the world. Inequality created by some people who pretend to act according to faith-based holy scriptures has gone beyond measure that some people, the feminists, chose to stand up to fight for women’s rights.


This work is not really in vain because in some countries like Iceland, Rwanda or Sweden, women have really regained or kept their value and consideration in the society. However, in some parts, this goes to some extent where men feel like if they don’t keep an open eye, it may be too late to reverse the process! It’s true, because in these areas, most of the job adverts say “Women Preferred”; women are normally known to be involved in less crimes than men, hence relatively more trustable.

Because Africa matters


Ebola has been the latest most deadly outbreak in West Africa and has orphaned many children and destabilized families and the society in general. Why is Ebola really a concern? It kills! So does Malaria and HIV! Ebola has no openly known prevention nor sustainable treatment options. That’s why it needs our special attention. A country with a healthy people is a wealthy nation, they say. That’s true.ebola-virus
Africa has been and still is the source of labor and raw materials for the tech industry and all the development in the world. This says something and why it’s worth investing in Africa. We invest in Africa by sustaining its resources and protecting its people. That’s how we should invest in Africa.

Quick note from 10-day trip to Peru (1)

I went to Peru two weeks ago.  It was a 10-day trip and my first trip to Latin America.  From Asia where I came, Latin America is the furthest to travel. If you travel from South Korea, it takes more than 40 hours. There’s no direct flight. You should transfer either in Canada or in U.S.. Therefore, I decided to travel Peru just after I was confirmed for the fellowship. From Peru, I can save time and money.

It seems we are pushing the wall

End of summer doesn’t mean back to school for many children. We have less than 500 days for MDG # 2 but still there are 58 million children which are denied by the duty bearers for their basic right of education and other 160 million who are in schools but ending up having poor quality education and not able to read and write a sentence. Most of the time when organizations conduct baseline to find out the reasons which deprive children from education; poverty only contributes 38% – 44%, followed by the other reasons, like; Teachers absenteeism, children in conflict zone, poor quality of education, corporal punishment, neglect by parents and gender based discrimination and violence.