My attendance at the Nexus Global Youth Summit (Jul 22-25, 2015) as Atlas Corps delegate. What did it bring me?


So many things!

That was the first ever time in my life I was so inspired to the extent that I cried. Those were tears of joy, happiness, inspiration; it was mixture of emotions. The fact that I met so many people from different parts of the world, different walks of life who are doing a lot of brilliant stuff to change the world to a better place, was absolutely terrific.

New York City offered me a lot in this trip- the Nexus Conference was exceptional! That was the reason the city was visited at that very specific time.

We are Nexus


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IMG_2451My conclusion about the Nexus Global Youth Summit 2015 can be summarized in one word: AWARENESS. However, this awareness must be accompanied by passion and purpose. In that sense we, as a young leaders committed to the promotion of social change, are called to offer our knowledge, ideas, contacts and projects to all those who need it, in places where freedom is restricted, in communities that represent social challenges. This areas are also the birth places of many social leaders, who like us, are full of ideas and are ready to change the world, but need someone to help them build a bridge to cross over. That’s one of the things I learned from one of the organizations in Nexus, which is dedicated to build bridges in developing communities, as a way to link their passion with their purpose,   to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.


It’s by far the most staffed unit at Washington Dulles International Airport if one is to make a headcount. There are many officials who by every measure seem to be doing lots of work till that moment when you are asked to step aside to have them verify your travel documents or check your luggage to be finally let into the country.

New York & Nexus

There is probably no other city that I felt more home at or felt that I really belong than in New York city. The ‘concrete jungle’, huge, beautiful and vibrant really inspired me to have a fresh outlook at my whole Atlas experience, especially since I was there to attend the Nexus Global Youth Summit as part of the Atlas Corps delegation.

I say this because the summit was home to many, many vibrant young people with either ideas or inspiration to make mark in the world. It was overwhelming to be among so many people at  once. But I have been slowly building on and learning more on ‘networking’ which apparently really runs the town.

RESULTS – Converting Common Public Efforts to Change the Global Reality


To understand the dynamics of effectiveness of the efforts we employ into the goals we try at, it is imperative to gaze into the associated realities and the progress been made by meeting and listening to real stakeholders; the people acknowledging or criticizing the mechanism otherwise. This is what the opportunity of RESULTS 2015 International Conference provided; the realization that every bit that we as RESULTS are doing is best tried to be translated into practical steps bringing dreams to reality. Reality in enhancing the access to equitable and quality education for boys and girls, ensuring increase life expectancy of new-born and children under 5 to the highest possible through vaccination, nutrition and effective MCH facilitation and reducing poverty through access to financial services; on the global levels.


election_blogAs more than 70 percent of Guyana’s population headed to the polls to vote in the 2015 national elections, a team of election and technology experts in Washington, DC, were busy tracking thousands of social media feeds from the country, searching for threats of pending electoral violence.

Guyana has experienced violence in many of its elections since 1992. Voting blocs have tended to fall along ethnic lines, aggravating existing cleavages and igniting protest over contested elections results.

What happened after one year as an AtlasCorps fellow?

It has been almost one year since the fellowship started and I want to share with you what I have learned and how my perspective has changed. As it is not only about learning experiences but also about reassessing beliefs and attitudes.

It has not only been about growing as professional but as a person as well.



To begin I have to say one of the biggest learning experiences hascome from sharing stories, moments and challenges with many fellows from all over the world. Aside from geographic lessons, I have also experienced peace building lessons. By interacting with them I have reassessedmy stereotypes.When I get to know anyone that is culturally different than me I realize that they are great and awesome despite our differences and I confirm that kindness is universal.

Nexus of Aspiration and Inspiration

“True wealth is that which is not in your wallets, but is in your hearts”

Moving words indeed, however more inspiring and motivating they become when spoken by someone who has practically proved them to be true, and that too across the globe. These words were spoken by Leon Logothetis, the first among many amazing speakers sharing their experiences during the opening ceremony of a summit. The session was undoubtedly among the best opening sessions I have experienced attending. Speakers were young global champions of change with focused efforts towards transforming lives around the world, converting dreams into realities, reforming hatred into love, turning war into peace and much more. These are just a few examples of the sheer brilliance shared during the two hour opening session of the 5th Annual Nexus Global Youth Summit. A truly perfect build up to an amazing.

The Nexus Summit, UN Headquarter, Atlas Corps Pin and morning coffee

It was sophisticated evening and stage was set for the 5th Nexus Summit at The Time Center in the middle of concrete jungle New York City. It was complicated to figure out how to attend the opening reception, not because we didn’t know our social issues or not ready to engage with hundreds of other social innovators, but to mind some other details. For example: Finding correct metro rail and going in right direction, wear appropriate attire, take stack of business cards and most important rehearse elevator picture. By the way New York is perfect city to practice elevator pitch, because of its very tall towers.