Is Your Nonprofit Ready To Hire?

According to the 2017 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey by human resources consultant Nonprofit HR, charities are hiring at a faster pace than for-profit companies. Of the not-for-profits surveyed, 50% reported that they would add staffers, vs. 40% of for-profit businesses.

Yet plenty of nonprofits are still hesitating to add employees to the payroll. If your organization is on the sidelines but thinking about hiring in the near future, the following three questions can help you decide:

Non-Profit Tax Law Updates

For better or worse, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“Act”) is on its way to the White House and President Trump is expected to sign it. The bill will bring about sweeping changes to the US tax code for both businesses and individuals. However, it will also impact tax-exempt organizations and their donors.

Temporary Increase in Charitable Contribution Deduction Limitation

Pre-Act Law. The deduction for an individual’s charitable contribution was limited to 50%, 30%, or 20% of the donor’s adjusted gross income depending on the donee organization’s tax classification and whether the contribution consisted of capital gain property.

Non-profit Motivational Secrets

For-profit businesses understand that it takes a lot more time and money to attract new customers than it does to keep current customers happy. The same can be said for your Non-Profit’s members. But there’s more to retention than cost savings. Long-time supporters help attract new members and are ideal candidates for leadership positions on boards and committees.

So, how do you keep members in the fold? Focus on needs, value and engagement.

Give the people what they need
It may seem pretty basic, but to keep members you have to offer something that they need: for example, education, networking opportunities, research, discounts or credentials. And the only sure way to get a handle on what your members need is to ask them.

Road Map

It started by a Midnight call, from an unknown person.
Few minutes before, every thing was weird. Sitting among many strangers in a small room, watching them having “fun” and pretending enjoying as well. But why would anyone stand in a similar situation? Many of us have made decisions and taken positions that do not match with their own perspectives. We only do that, to please some one. A special person worth these “sacrifices”.
The phone is ringing. They exchanged a suspicious flashing look.
Doubt reigns; forgive, forget or let go? Does it even matter if they all lead to the same.

New Tax Law Brings Big Changes for Individual Taxpayers #USA

The reconciled tax reform bill, commonly called the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (TCJA), is the most sweeping federal tax legislation in more than three decades. While many of the new law’s provisions affect businesses, it also includes significant changes for individual taxpayers, most of which take effect for 2018 and expire after 2025. Here are some of the most notable changes.

Inflation adjustments
Under the TCJA, annual inflation adjustments will be calculated using the chained consumer price index (also known as C-CPI-U). This will increase tax bracket thresholds, the standard deduction, certain exemptions and other figures at a slower rate than is the case with the consumer price index currently used, potentially pushing taxpayers into higher tax brackets and making various breaks worth less over time. The law adopts the C-CPI-U on a permanent basis.

Life, is a world trip.

Travel: A school of life.


Only one month left to ring the bells of the new year. Most of us start a new year with new reflections and decisions.
But first, shoundn’t we take a deep look at the year we spent.
2017 is a very special year in my life: Full of turnovers, changes, hard decisions, achievements and disappointments.
And more than any other year, 2017 can be summarized in one word: TRAVEL.
Actually there is a huge difference between traveling as a tourist, spending a couple of days or even weeks. And traveling for deeply living in a new culture, with different
people and different references.

Tunisia 2017: Major Challenges vs Civic engagement potential solution

The wave of spontaneous youth-led revolutions, revolts and civic protest movements that have spread across the Arab region, demanding transformative change, testify to a process of emergence and renewal of civil society after decades of control that have profoundly weakened or shaped manifestations of societal organization.

The success of the transition process from a system marked by the political economy of exclusion towards a developmental state is predicated on the capacity of civil society to organize itself in order to constitute a strong constituency for accountable governance, social justice and inclusive development. The spontaneous youth-led revolts and civic protest movements in the Arab region will not result in genuine

The Importance of Technology in Entrepreneurship

it’s evident that the impact of technology on our day to day lives has grown exponentially over the past decade. Whether it be laptops or cell phones, technology helps us connected with the world around us and acts as a portal to vasts amounts of knowledge which can be accessed with ease. However, many new entrepreneurs do not utilize technology to its full extent to propel themselves to new heights.

Following is a list of reasons of why entrepreneurs should incorporate technology in their businesses:

Non profit Sector in California State


California is considered as one of the most active states in the Non Profit sector in the USA. Today I’m sharing with you numbers and statistics about the importance of this fast growing ecosystem.

Note: The “nonprofit sector” encompasses organizations that are defined as tax-exempt under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. This includes both public charities and private foundations [501(c)(3)] and other nonprofits such as civic league organizations [501(c)(4)]. 



I- All California Non Profit Organizations 144,728

    ORGANIZATIONS) 105,876

Unleash Tunisia Venture Bus

Today is so special, it’s the closing ceremony of Unleash Tunisia Venture Bus, a collaboration between Young Leaders Entrepreneurs & The Middle East Partnership Initiative , a project I was managing from 2016 before the decision was taken to start a new adventure abroad, unfortunately 2 miles before reaching the last bus station. However, despite the thousand miles distance between Tunisia & California, my heart & soul have never stopped biting for this project, for several reasons:
. It brought hope to youth, and proved that our country has a hilarious potential from the extreme south to the extreme north, especially in regions that people usually have less expectations from
. From a professional perspective, it was a very important learning step in my career, dealing with high level seniors from the MEPI and US Embassy
. Non profit: Through and thanks to YLE, I discovered a very special working environment mixing with harmony both fun and commitment, but always full of challenges and problem solving approach.
. etc