Memoirs of a fellow’s trip to Yosemite National Park, California

If you are in California, Yosemite is a must go-to location. It’s one of the oldest national parks in the country first protected in 1864 as a national park. It’s a refuge for families, friends and even solo travelers. You can enjoy hiking, climbing, cycling or just wander-lusting. Every point of its 1200 squared miles (1930 square km) is unique. From meadows to valleys, mountains to waterfalls, Yosemite is a perfect getaway from the chaos of the city into a world of virgin nature.

Memoirs of a fellow’s trip to San Francisco

Those who know me well, and have been following my posts on the social media platforms, knew that visiting New York City was one of my childhood’s dream that came true this September . As I got older and mature about my choices in life and the goals that I want to achieve in it, I ditched my dream for the pursuit of more attainable things in life . As luck would have it, visiting the US was a dream that came true in May in a nontraditional way.

Memoirs of a fellow’s trip to New York City

Visiting New York has been always a dream, and it came true this September after I participated in the Global Leadership Lab (GLL) in Washington D.C. with Atlas Corps.

New York was the city I always wanted to live in when I was very young. A lot of it came from watching Hollywood and Disney movies.

Years passed and as I was growing older, my dreams have shifted to be more realistic and achievable. Although I haven’t forgotten about it as I was growing up, I got locked figuring out other important stuff of my life, from studying to work related matters.

Race Forward – A Training on Colors!

One of the most interesting trainings that I have attended so far was onsite training about Race equity and justice in the United States in specific and in the world in general.

The training was done by Race Forward, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to “dismantle structural racial inequity and create equitable outcomes”.

In the training agenda, a lot of topics, activities and exercises were covered. After introductions about our names, roles, homes, identities and pronouns, we had an overview about racism in the US and how it was structured in the systems of the government where black people didn’t have a lot of rights, as well as other people of color.

What’s Inside Inside-NGO?

It has been almost 3 months since I started my new responsibility as an HR Officer with Heartland Alliance International, and luckily, I was selected to go with other group of the organization’s leaders to attend the Inside NGO conference that takes places every year in Washington DC. A lot of people didn’t know what this once-a-year conference is all about and why a Human Resources personnel in the NGO sector is going to such a conference. So here is some information about what’s inside “InsideNGO” conference.

An Opportunity to Network with Non-profit leaders:

Winning the Challenge in the Second Week


It was already two weeks since i first arrived in the United States’ capital, Washington DC, for the first time in my life. The purpose for this trip was to participate in Atlas Corps‘ one-year long fellowship program where I would be serving as an HR Officer at Heartland Alliance International in Chicago.