Luxury or necessity? New Energy profile

This world is built on mass consumption, everything is fast-paced, everything is getting bigger, taller and larger; against all studies, researches and predictions, the new curve is alarming as demographics, economy and technology are blooming not necessarily in equal split between developing and developed countries.

Energy efficiency and sufficiency are key indicators of performance; but energy cannot be contained, it floats freely in huge sections of copper or large atmospheric emissions; the earth is a ball of energy, the sun, every atom in this universe is exuberantly dependent on energy as a form of life and motion.

Jet-lag, Mosquitoes, but…

I will start by the two weeks 5 facts:
– Humongous mosquitoes with attitude
– Beautifully mapped city (that is DC by the way) you have a bus stop every one or two blocks, don’t take the bus if you are impatient 😀
– Nice people, everyone is willing to help, I had a woman that roamed the streets with me looking for the bus stop.
– Most people speak so fast, I mean for me, a non-native speaker, I would like to digest the information first and understand. I think this is something you get used to with time.
– When you ask a question, they always compliment by saying good question, which is very encouraging especially for laid back people who don’t initiate conversations.
And also Americans love to be asked questions, at least in my host organization everyone is so happy to answer my questions and they keep checking if I have other questions or not.
– Why do you put tissue paper in the gift bag? Something I didn’t understand, but looks nice though 🙂
– Fashion ranges from business casual to very formal business attires, I would say very relaxed and chic sense of fashion.