You Need to Have Bigger Dreams

Sarah told me and It did not get out of my head


In November I met Sarah’s family, we spent Thanksgiving at her parents’ house in a town near Washington. After eating a lot, and to make room for dessert, we went for a walk to a forest that is just across the street. I am such a nature lover that I just thought “I love it, I want to live here and have this every day” and as we walked, I imagined stories of me running every day on the trails of that forest at sunset.

If they kill me


If they kill me they will say that it was because I did not want to stay at home to cook, clean and wash for my father and my brothers, for not following their advice and continue making decisions as a man, focused on my professional growth. They will say it was because I did not listen to my grandfather when he told me to have a helpful attitude with them and train me to be a good wife.. If they kill me they will say that it was for going against the macho and misogynist mentality of my country, Mexico.

YLAI Professional Fellows Program 2017 Application Launched

YLAI and Atlas Corps

Atlas Corps as partner of Meridian International Center is pleased to announce that applications for the U.S. Department of State’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellows Program 2017 are now open. The five-week program will place up to 250 business and social entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean in relevant businesses and startups, non-governmental organizations, and similar entities in 24 cities across the U.S. Fellows will also become part of the larger YLAI Network, which will provide online resources and a space for young leaders to make regional connections.

Today in the International Women’s day #YLAIEmpowers

#YLAIEmpowers Women

When women lead, we all succeed.



The YLAI Network is starting an initiative to raise awareness about challenges women face in becoming leaders in business and in their communities. Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring strategies and resources to help support women taking on leadership roles, discussing what both men and women can do to show their support, and sharing stories from individuals who have overcome some of these challenges.

Together, we hope to help create more leadership opportunities for women and to remove barriers to women and girls taking on leadership roles.