Changing Communities, Perspectives & the World

Change your community, change your perspective

The Atlas Corps tagline “change your perspective, change the world” is bold. As I was reflecting on what I have taken from the Atlas Corps Fellowship it felt necessary to break down this ambitious call to action.

Atlas Corps changes or expands your community. As a Fellow, you move to the US for 12-18 months, serve at an organization full time and join 100 social change leaders from around the world. These leaders come from different cultures and contexts and care about different social issues. But as you share a house with them, cook with them and explore the US with them, you learn a great deal about yourself, their cultures and your shared passion for social change.

Blockchain & Its Implications for Development

What is blockchain and what are the implications for development? Blockchain became an international talking point in 2017 following the jumps and dives of bitcoin (which has now existed for almost 10 years). In social impact circles, it’s increasingly gaining momentum as a disruptive force that must be harnessed for good – now – before it gets out of hand (Beeck Center).

Theoretically (and increasingly in practice), blockchain has many implications for global changemakers. From providing digital identities to refugees to providing transparency on global food supply chains, many sectors are ripe for disruption.

The Power of Watching & Listening

It never stops. Respond to this message. Sign this campaign. Update your LinkedIn. Post about your life. The 24/7 media cycle and social media has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and it appears modern society always has a mic on us. We’re always being asked for our opinions and we’re expected to know the answers.



But the world is big, and with so much happening, and so many perspectives and life experiences out there, one of the most invaluable practices is to watch and listen. We’re only ever going one life experience and lived-perspective – the world becomes so much more interesting when we build bridges across life experiences, use our imagination and step into the shoes of others.