The Future of CX

In 2016, a reported 75% of companies said top objective was to improve Customer Experience. In this time an age, unfortunately, money still talks and companies are constantly forced to think about dividends and growth rather than delivering great customer experience. However, call/contact center industry experts concur in saying that dividends hinder strategic vision while a strong focus on customer experience forwards your vision into the future of the industry.

Investing in customer experience is an act of bravery, because often the returns don’t happen right away 

Investing in customer experience supports the idea of a long-term value-creation model that takes times and organizations may have to sacrifice profits on a short-term run but definitely have a more sustainable path for growth if applied correctly

Customer-Centric Approach for Non-Profits

Acknowledging the relevance of customer experience as a competitive advantage and confirm that companies who put customers at the center of the whole strategy are companies who champion the marketplace. I wish to give a couple of useful pointers on how to enhance that Customer Experience and push you towards a customer-centric approach rather than a product-center approach.
First of all, define how your product satisfies the customer’s needs and solves a problem for them. This may sound self-explanatory and too logical but it is necessary to think about these two factors when designing a product. The success of your product and satisfaction of your clients is directly correlated to the degree of understanding of your customer’s context and needs.
Second, anticipating your client’s needs gives you a head start and the competitive edge you need to beat your competition. Professional TIP: get ahead of the game by identifying a possible crisis your clients might and eventually will face; then create a reward system for your clients when they face those complications, regardless if they notice the malfunction or not.
Last but not least, be sure your product is at the right moment in the right place. Be certain that you choose a channel your client actively visits and watches, as well as confirming that channel is not saturated with competitors offering generic products.

Bad Customer Experience will always be communicate (Good CX not that much)

A couple days ago, Statista, the German-based online statistics, market research and business intelligence portal released numbers and a small article on Customer Experience in the Digital era and we wanted to echo a couple of insights from them with your our reader and Allied Global Ally.

The use of social media nowadays has made a recommendation and harsh critics on your products are service travel in light speed and double in reach. In a pre-social media era, bad service at a restaurant meant you would not go back to that restaurant and maybe tell friends not to go. Today, a bald yelp review you submit can mean 10 or even 100 times more people not going to that restaurant because of your opinion post.

Learnings at Devex World 2018 Conference

Since my arrival in September 2018, the Devex World, 2018 Conference, has been, without a doubt the best experience so far.
The Conference is a great platform for key stakeholders in development- governments, civil society, business and non-profit sector to review their approach to tackling social issues leveraging technology and information, and increasing accountability from all front to reinforce the battle. Networking was unique by interacting with people who spoke their mind about the challenges of the sector rather than highlighting achievements and positives.
“Converge, Engage, Inspire!”

Outsourcing for your Social venture

When it comes to operations, the name of the game in the development and non-profit sector is cost efficiency and resource maximizationWe are talking about companies who are working to make a difference in the world on very limited budgets.

When analyzing Sales and IT outsourcing providers it is key for leaders of the non-profit sector to consider short terms costs against long-term benefits.For our non-profit sector potential clients as well as for start-ups, here are a couple of pointers to consider when analyzing potential vendors.

To my Atlas Corps Fellows Class 26

My fellow Fellows, Staff Members of Atlas Atlas Corps and Invitees.

My name is Diego Reyes and I am an Atlas Corps Fellow Class 26 from Mexico City serving at Good Will Industries. My social issues are social entrepreneurship and youth employability and I cannot express the honor it is for me to stand in front of you today.

Nothing short of extraordinary is this group of people and we have Atlas Corps to thank for bringing us together.

We represent social change in the world. We are the Atlas Corps Fellows of Class 26.