California Sunset

In the end of November, I had the chance to go to San Francisco, to this amazing city full of lights, full of lovely people and houses. There is no better way to describe it than  the lyrics of this song that you can find below:

I remember long ago
How I wondered where I’d go
While the blizzards,
Cold wind and snow
Pounded outside my window.

California sunset
Going down in the West
All the colors in the sky
Kiss another day goodbye.

Land of beauty,
Space and light
Land of promise,
Land of might
You’re my home now
And it’s true
California, here’s to you.

“Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go”-Mooji.

We all have secrets, problems that we have buried deep down, hoping to never have to deal with. We have all made mistakes, stayed for too long, left too early, not read enough, loved too quickly, run away at the first sign of having our feelings hurt.

Everyone reading this has insecurities and fears, but the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. It’s all inside of your head, let it out. Share your story, share your journey, share your life you are the person that you are because of your experience, the books that you have read and the people who you have shared or had your life interrupted by.

9 Fun facts about Washington DC



(from my personal perspective) ^_^

  1. White House looks smaller than I thought
  2. You can find a bit of London, Vienna and Paris; is a wonderful mix of European cities.
  3. It feels a little like living in a park…cozy and great city for runners 😉
  4. Free of charge Museums and ZOO…Yayyy (but not all f them :P)
  5. Looks like people here love Air Conditioner…brrrrr
  6. Work Hard, drink harder ( Happy Lovely Hours in each neighborhood) ^_^
  7. Mosquito, Mosquito, Mosquito…..hmm auuch, yeap again mosquiots  😛
  8. An Uber please…(metro is to mainstream)