Disha! Welcome to Chicago. If you don’t find this blog funny, you are a hater!

Disha is a very special friend and classmate. Like many of Class 24 fellows she is IRONIC. I had to do a tour guide again for a new visitor. My tours guide style usually the most sarcastic one in Amman, Chicago and Beirut. (My areas of guiding expertise). Also this time my visitor is someone actually understands all my point of views (or all my jokes).
First I introduced her to the most segregated city, or at least a big city. read more on this link:

Credit to Ali Attalah

Happy Long Distance Valentine’s Day.

Today I’m going to share something more of a personal experience; however I believe every experience we have will add to our career and personal experience side by side.
It was a strange feeling to celebrate Valentine’s Day away from home; I grow up buying gifts, Chocolate and flowers to my mom and my older sisters. They buy me gifts, red teddy bears, flowers and Givenchy. It was always meaningful day for me. I say to them I love you and I heard the word I love you a lot.

My Birthday Week!

Atlas Corps fellows: on the right Diana from Uganda, Katy from Kenya, Anna-Kim an Atlas Corps alumni and Ali from Lebanon

If I can describe my feelings in words, honestly I felt I own the world.
My roommate Ali Atallah the first Atlas Corps fellow from Lebanon, Was preparing discreetly the party and in collaboration with some colleagues and fellows, since we live in a very small apartment I thought I wanted to invite few people to grab a drink, I already knew few people since I arrived to Chicago.
I start to think of the invitees, of course nothing could be done without the 4 awesome fellows that located in Chicago (Diana, Lourdez, Ali and Katy) are the main special invitees, then I thought of couple of colleagues from the office and then couple of Arab/American queers I met in Chicago as well as couple of friends that I’ve been introduced to them from back home … Ooops we are are 20 persons in a tiny living room that has two couches.

Back home!!! What??

GLL and Georgetown University wa Yallah!!

Eya from Tunisia, Sara from Pakistan and Olga from Russia

In mid-September we headed to our well known GLL, I’m very excited as this time I’m going to take a certificate from Georgetown University. I have for some reason dreamt once that I’m teaching in Georgetown University. However this is my first time I leave Chicago for a long trip. Yes excited to see all the fellows and the very special class 24 because of course we have lots of things to share among each other… By saying a lot is A LOT!

Pride Month

Double celebration: Happy Eid and Happy Pride.

Chicago Pride 2017.

Last month we celebrated the Pride Month, I participated for the first year in Chicago Pride, not just Chicago but in all America, Which also came in the same time with the celebration of Eid.
Since I was born every year for Eid I get up super excited and dress up the Eid new clothes and look into my day agenda of my celebration which starts from my parents to siblings to cousins and end up hanging out with friends. For this year I was truly worried of waking up and see people going to work and it’s going to be a normal working day for me which will ended me up with some sadness and homesickness.