Don’t have time? Make time

Sometimes we do complain about not having the time to do the things that we love, we blame work to take most of our time, or we are just lazy or procrastinate, whether we are planning to go to the gym or start some new activity, it’s always the same answer, I “don’t have time”.

In order to resolve this issue, we need first to recognize that we actually have an issue, look at  friends or colleagues, they wake up early in the morning and go for a run, or don’t get home till very late in the night, knowing that their day is no longer than ours, it’s 24 hours for all.

Why California is the best state in the US?

In my opinion, I think that California is the best state in the US and this is why?

The weather: The weather in California is Mediterranean-ish and has long hot summers and mild winters. When you live in California you will not be freezing and will never need to wear heavy-duty winter clothing. But should you want to sky or play with the snow, the city has a lot of natural parks with mountains where it snows. San Francisco might be an exception due to the fog but in my opinion, the fog adds a lot of charm to the beauty of the city.

Looking for fellow friendly mobile plan – Check this out

Monthly mobile fees in the USA can be very expensive. Unless you join a family plan you are expected to pay from 40 to 75$ per month.

If you are always connected to wifi at home and at work and you only use data to chat and book Uber then Mint Sim might be the right choice for you.

For 15$ a month you will get unlimited calls and text and 2GB of high-speed internet, if you run out you will switch to an unlimited slower internet that you can still use for Uber, Maps and chat.

Mysterious Gnomes appearing in Oakland

The east bay is one of my favorite areas in California, the weather is warmer compared to San Francisco and the sky is always blue…but wait, if you always look up you won’t see them.

We don’t know where they come from, or who put them there, the Gnomes of Oakland are multiplying, they prefer to live in wooden utility poles.

Those gnomes are so mysterious, people say they even switch poles during the night.

Should you wanna discover more about Oakland gnomes then don’t hesitate to visit me in Oakland, I will be happy to show you around.

What is Human Centered Design HCD

Human-centered design is a problem-solving approach that consists of involving the people affected by the problem in the design of the solution. The solution an be a product, a service, environments, organizations, and modes of interaction*.

It consists of three phases:

1- Inspiration phase: The main objective of this phase is to learn from the people we are designing for and understanding their needs,

2- The ideation phase: Is about making sense of what we have learned during the inspiration phase, the main objective is to identify opportunities for design and prototype possible solutions.

Cracked: Finding housing in San Francisco

Finding housing in the US might be a very stressful task for some Atlas Corps satellite fellows due to various reasons including budget and time restrictions, being new to the city or not having an experience living abroad…etc

In this article, I am going to share some of my experience and best practices about looking for a place in the beautiful city of San Francisco. While this article is specific to the SF, many tips are applicable to all the other states.