Wrapping up the fellowship

It is the time to end my fellowship.

Although it has been shorter than other people, it was just an insight to talk with people.

Every single person I have met an talked from the fellowship, it gave me such a great insight. You never know how much privileges you are enjoying surround you.

As hearing others’ stories, it really helped me think how grateful my life is.
I have never put enough effort to enjoy the rights I have.

For example, the freedom of speech, movement and expression, I can enjoy them anytime anywhere I want in my country.

Opening the eyes

Before meeting Muslim fellow friends, I did not know about Muslim enough.
All I knew about this religion is from media.
You know..media does not portray this religion positively these days.
Since knowing only this limited information about the religion, I did not have a good image about it. Moreover, my country does not have a big Muslim population.
Therefore, I did not have enough accesses to Muslim culture.

Broaden your worldview

Have you ever thought about how narrow your worldview is?

Through this fellowship, I interacted with various fellows from different countries.
Then, I have learned about myself better than ever in my life.

I did not realize how narrow my worldview and mind are. As being exposed to Canadian culture for awhile and various countries, I thought I was open enough than any other people in my country and also other countries. However, I was WRONG.

Listening and sharing different perspectives from and with fellows wakened me to see the world differently. We shared various topics such as human rights, development, governments and etc.

San Francisco. The heart of California

I have wanted to go to nature to feel fresh since I came to DC.

Fortunately, the satellite fellows in SF invited me to the city!
I flew about 6 hours and 1 hour plus. (DC-LA, LA-SF)

Although the flight was quite long, I was very excited to see the friends there.

I’ve actually visited there before about 10 years ago, so I did not really have much excitement to see the city.

I just wanted to walk near the beach and chat with friends. That was it.

Once I arrived SF, my fellow friends prepare awesome meal and it was really impressing!

Such a great work culture

Here, I recently moved to the new host organization, Meridian International Center.

The buildings are very antique and gardens are beautiful.

Meridian International Center sometimes holds several events for the employees.

I participated to several events.
1. Japanese Character Class
2. Scottish Cultural Day (No pictures, but it was quite fun during the working hours.)
3. Health Fair (Free healthy Salad, fruits, MINI Massage!)

Learning Japanese Character

Mini Massage Session

Healthy Food

Giving the health food for the employees

I think my host organization, Meridian is trying hard to provide a healthy work environment.

Making more stipend!

Here’s my tip to have more stipend.
I have found this great way to save more money for living.

I sometimes tend to look at the ground while I am walking.
Even waiting for the metro, I look down the platform not with a particular purpose.
It is just my habit.

However, since I came to DC, I found out that there are many coins on the ground.
I started to collect them almost everyday of my life.
Even 1 cent.
There is a saying that ‘Many a mickle makes a muckle’.
It exactly applies to me.

Passport power

My Passport Power:

I had never realized how powerful my country’s passport is. I shared this fact with Korean friends saying that we have the top 5 powerful passport in the world.
Through this fellowship, I’ve got to know how strong it is and thankful I am as a citizen of it as meeting various people from all over the world. (I’ve got to know it this month lol)
Hey S.Koreans! We should be proud of it.

Since I came to the US, I have talked to many people and as I got to talk to them, I found out how powerful my passport is.

DS 2019 You need to carry when you travel

I went to Canada during the Christmas break.
I stayed there about 1 week.
It was fantastic and relaxing since Vancouver is not as crowd as Washington DC.

When I entered Canadian border by car, everything was quite smooth. I did not have to pay or get off from the car.
I just showed my passport to the Canadian officer. That was it.

So, I was thinking it would be okay on the way back to the states as nothing special happened to me when I was passing the border.

The gift..? Talent?

I have heard from many fellows that my massage skill is amazing.
Here’s a story that I gave massages to some people in DC!

First of all, I gave a massage to my fellow friend in September.
He was sick when he visited my house and I offered him massage.
Later, he was very happy with my massage after receiving it for more than 1 hour.
I felt very glad that he enjoyed it.

Second, I gave a message to my roommate.
She was not feeling great, so I gave her massage with essential oils.
Afterward, she told others how great my massage is.