Let Wonder Woman be herself

I have a friend, let’s call her Wonder Woman. She and I with our other friends usually have chill sessions, and we talk about an assortment of topics and it usually ends up with us discussing our life goals. Somehow, we cannot avoid the topic and it comes up more often than I care to mention. She, with my support and agreement always ends up saying her life ambition is to become a house wife. Some look at her in shock, others laugh because they believe she is being comedic and others blatantly dismiss her, because she clearly does not know what she wants.

The United States Of People

It’s been an incredible three weeks in the United States. It’s my very first time coming to America (pun intended) and it’s been nothing but a rollercoaster ride of everything one could think of. I have experienced more emotions in these few weeks than I have in one year. It’s more than just what I have seen on TV and what people have told me. Outside of the infrastructure, the sounds, lights and rush of it all, what has stood out for me has been the people.