About Luigi Barraza Cardenas

Luigi has over five years of experience in the nonprofit sector in national and international environments. He earned a degree in Architecture from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico, obtaining Academic Excellence Honors and the CIESLAG Academic Merit Award. In 2016, Luigi worked with Ciclo Organico in Rio de Janeiro, where he developed visual content and consulted on sustainability, project development, and urban landscaping. As an Architectural Assistant at Groupe 3 Architectes in Morocco, Luigi developed strategies to implement sustainable policies on architectural and urban projects. Luigi collaborated with Dare Inc. in Rabat, where he expanded the Dare Build project for sustainable architecture and interior design, and imparted workshops on community development, social impact, and recycled collective art. At the Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungarian refugee camp in Bicske, Luigi provided humanitarian relief and capacitated refugees by conducting training sessions on sustainable development, leadership, and environmental awareness. In 2015, Luigi acted as a visual content developer and graphic designer for LEAD India in New Delhi, successfully reshaping the public image of the organization by improving the quality and outreach of graphic, photo and video material. Luigi applied his leadership development skills during the planning and execution of National Training Sessions on integrating conservation and climate adaptation into urban and rural development in India. Prior to that, Luigi co-founded and led Proyecto ECO Ephemeral Architecture & Conceptual Art, a community movement to achieve social impact through context-based sustainable ephemeral architecture installations in marginalized areas in Northern Mexico. Through these experiences Luigi has refined his proficiency at designing and developing visual and media products, strengthened his project management skills, and reinforced his educational experience by conducting workshops and training sessions. Luigi has developed as an artist, volunteer and activist for over a decade and believes art is a channel to attain sustainability and originate positive impact on societies around the world. Luigi is passionate about urban development, social housing, community engagement through artistic development, environment and sustainability, and capacity building.

DATA Results from Mission Prep

Hello Atlas Corps Community,

I share with you the data results that highlight the work and dedication of my Host Organization to advance education with underserved communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. My Graphic Blog #7 showcases digitally the comparative SBAC Results of their students and expands on Mission Prep’s Mission and Vision.

Disclaimer: I do not have ownership or rights to any of the images or logos displayed above. The publishing of this information was authorized by The Mission Preparatory School and can be accessed through their website: www.missionpreparatory.org

Between the Clock and the Bed

Hello Atlas Corps Community,

I share with you a small part of what makes San Francisco a city bustling with art and culture in my Graphic Blog #6 – A photovisual account of Edvard Munch’s exhibition curated by SFMOMA.

This is SFMOMA´s statement of the exhibition.

Disclaimer: I am (sadly) not Mr. Edvard Munch nor do I have ownership or rights to any of the paintings displayed above. The previous statement applies to all logos. All photographs were taken by me and were authorized by staff from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.



Hello Atlas Corps Community,

I share with you what I think is the Ultimate #FellowLife Hack in my Graphic Blog #5. If you like going to the Cinema, you will like this. It is amazing and awesome and everything you can love on a budget. Here it is, the love of Cinema in one card.

Disclaimer: I do not have ownership or rights to any of the images or logos above. MoviePass did not pay me for this piece (although they should have)

The Brown Bag Presentation – Digital Edition


Hello Atlas Corps Community,

Ah! The infamous Brown Bag presentation, one of many Atlas Corps traditions. I present to you Graphic Blog #4, a condensed Digital Edition – that portrays none of my real life Mexican charm- made available to my Host Organization, in order to allow them to experience the Brown Bag tradition in a different way.

My ArtWalk to Mission Prep

An outlandish albeit accurate visual pastiche of my daily walk from the local transport stop to my Host Organization in the Mission District, San Francisco.

Disclaimer: I do not have ownership or rights to any of the murals displayed above. All photographs were taken by me or were obtained from open sources.



A graphic story of America Solidaria.

Hello Atlas Corps community!

(fact #1) I am Luigi Barraza (fact #2) I am Atlas Corps/America Solidaria Fellow from Mexico, (fact #3) I am serving at Mission Preparatory in San Francisco.

This Graphic Blog is a response to people’s reaction when I ad the ‘America Solidaria‘ to my (fact #2). Some people nod in acknowledgement, some people nod (pretending acknowledgement) and some people have no idea what I am talking about. All three responses are popular, hence as an America Solidaria ambassador it is my responsibility to create awareness about this Latin American nonprofit organization and their great work in our continent.