Why sustainability is important?

What is sustainability? There are multiple definitions, but the simplest one is the ability to be maintained at certain level, however the sustainability component mentioned here is meant to be integrated with development projects, how to sustain a project or program you developed/created?

I believe the answer is by following up and create solution to the problems that will come to surface while waiting to see the impact.

What will be the point of developing a project or a program if we didn’t see the results/impact, be it short term or long-term results/impact.

A mobile app empowers homeless people in D.C.

The Street Sense Media App is the result of long hours of creative problem solving to overcome unique challenges, beginning with overcoming the distrust of unfamiliar technology by the homeless vendors themselves.

Street Sense Media vendors have been facing the problem of “Cashless”, so Street Sense Media had to come up with a solution and that was happened! An app-Street Sense Media app.

It’s a great and big step in the road of developing the organization and empowering the homeless people.

The Street Sense Media App is currently available on the App Store and on Google Play.

The root cause of the Evils is …..

Poverty? if we look deep, we will find it true, although some new thoughts and visions think otherwise.

Poverty is the cause of poor health, illiteracy, violence, homelessness, human trafficking, …etc, but poverty comes in three forms:

Absolute Poverty:
They define the most severe poverty conditions as the lack of sufficient resources to meet physical needs for health.

Most Americans believe that absolute poverty exists in places like Africa and India but is rare here in America. In fact, 48.1 million Americans live in food insecure households. 5.4 million American seniors go to bed hungry every night.

Street Sense and Capitol Hill

So recently Street Sense launched this project where vendors (people experiencing homelessness) periodically go to the hill, meet senators and give them issues of the Street Sense newspaper. Below is a highlight of the interview with senator Al Franken on Ending Homelessness:

What do you think is key to ending homelessness?

Homelessness and Mental Illness

Did you know that homelessness affects 3 million Americans annually? Or the fact that 1.2 million of these people report mental illness issue? Homelessness and mental illness!!! Why most of the people who suffer from mental illness are homeless? Is it because how the system works?

Most of the people I asked say it is because of the system, you have to take your own decisions (which is how is supposed to be) but what if you can’t, Who will do that? The answer is NO ONE. If you didn’t sign specific papers you won’t be able to receive any help, even your family can’t.

4 months with people experiencing homelessness:

Let me start by saying, what an experience…challenging and exhausting yet exciting.
Started 4 month ago with this amazing organization/media center which works with people experiencing homelessness and formally homeless. Since this is my first time ever to directly deal with homeless I was a little bit nervous when I started, but I knew I will build a good connection with them. Sometimes I break the rules because I feel they want just to chat, they want a person they can talk to, not as a supervisor or a manager. I feel sad from the stories but sometimes they are full of achievement and motivation.