The modern slavery

I was ashamed today when I listened to some testimonies of people witnessed a real slavery in 21st century in Libya.

This absolutely not acceptable and we should all stand up together against this brutality. It never was about the conventions, laws or religion. It’s at the end about the Human being. It’s almost impossible to expect the awkwardness inside us. We have to urge the international society for a quick solution to end it up. What happened in Libya is happening for us everyday. However, Slavery is not just enchaining a human being and making him a slave just because they want to make profit from them. slavery doesn’t have one meaning nowadays.

A letter from a Muslim to the American Nation



(This Is a city called Sidi Bousaid In Tunisia, this is the real Oriontale World )  

Well, being a Muslim nowadays is kind of a crime especially here in US. I was supposed to be here few months ago but with the raise of the hatred movement supported by Trump Administration I said to myself that America is a dangerous place for a Muslim like me ( since i am easy to recognize as Middle Eastern, Skinny and Brown with a black hair ). It is funny because we used to say that our countries are a dangerous place for Foreigners and Americans. It seems like there’s no safe place anymore in this world!!!

My first day at School (and as a Fellow)

I will never forget my fist day at school. The day when my Mother took me to the place where I will spend 6 years of my life there. That day was so weird and creepy. She hold my hand till my class and she put me on the first table. She said that she will be back in a couple of hours and I was so scared and sad. Scared of being alone with all those strangers and scared of them and the noise that they are making since most of them were crying.


Is it time to wake up?

”Is it time to wake up?” this was one of the last words of my colleague ”S” before i was told that he was killed in a bombing of a Hospital by the Syrian regime in Aleppo/Azaz area. He was heading to work as a volunteer like everyday and to serve his own people. the people who loves the most, the people that he never thought that one day will be massacred and displaced and became a toy between the hands of the big regimes.