Some pray for the good things while others make them happen. What about you?!

My one year fellowship at Atlas Corps is coming to an end. This year was worth a lifetime, literally. The opportunities I had access to are much more than what I imagined my whole life and many of my dreams came true. This is something I wish for every single one of you.
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My highlights of this year are summarized in the below photo but they are not limited to those as every single moment is priceless:

Converge… Exchange… Inspire

Being an Atlas Corps fellow does not only imply to be hosted at a US based organization, it is the full package of resources and opportunities to further develop the leader in you, the most recent opportunity I had was attending and participating in Devex World 2018.

A one day of speeches, sessions, workshops and networking activities to converge, exchange and inspire. Many luminaries did share  ideas, thoughts, and expertise on how to proceed, navigate and pave the way for a better world.


As part of his commitment to bring the United Nations closer to young people, the President of the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly, H.E. Mr. Miroslav Lajčák hosted a Youth Dialogue on 30 May 2018. This one-day event sought to listen to the ideas, needs and concerns of young people on bridging education and skills training with employment in the 21st century, as well as on the prevention of radicalization. The event further aimed to galvanize the efforts of many global alliances and initiatives that are empowering young people. In his speech addressing the audience H.E. said: “We want this Youth Dialogue to be different from any other meetings that are taking place in the United Nations. We don’t want this to be an event when we talk about young people; we don’t even want this to be an event when we talk to young people. We want this to be an event when we take a step back, and we listen to young people, talking to each other. And we want to get inspired – and to follow your lead and your advice.”

Palestinian IDEAS ?!

After 7 months of fellowship, you may think that things would settle down at work, and tasks would get more operational, but that is not the case at IBM where every day brings a brand-new experience. My supervisors at IBM Corporate Service Corps team do not only build a solid fellowship experience for me, but they also enrich it with diverse, focused and specialized projects based on my expertise, interests and potential. Last week, Gina Tesla, IBM VP for Corporate Citizenship engaged me in one of the events she is part of at MIT, she was a judge of the MIT IDEAS Global Challenge. IDEAS is an annual innovation and social entrepreneurship competition for MIT students and their collaborators, run by the Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center, in which they enable students to apply their MIT education in real-world situations to tackle quality of life issues for people around the world, winning teams receive up to $15,000 to launch their projects during a 15-month grant period. Over its 17 years, IDEAS, organized annually by the Priscilla King Gray (PKG) Public Service Center, has awarded more than $1 million to 160 teams that now impact more than 2.5 million people in 44 countries. Winners have gone on to secure more than $42 million in additional funding.

See Something … Say Something

As I am packing my stuff, preparing to leave the place I called home for the last 5 months, I am ready to share one of the highlights of my stay: my experience with 911!

I used to think I was the only creature living in my 2 bedroom house, until one day at 11:00 pm, to be exact, I saw a black semi-cylindrical thing moving behind my makeup shelves. I was terrified and without thinking, clearly, I jumped out of my bed and ran outside the whole house, with bare feet despite of the snow. I was hysterically crying because of the black snake that I convinced myself that I saw. I knocked at my Chinese neighbors’ door trying to reach out for help or company, they would not bother to open or even to ask what is wrong that made me go outside at this hour of this day. Sneaking from the window was the only thing they did.

How much is Too much

Wherever I am, I have a company; I am always connected, literally always, thanks to social media in general and to facebook in particular. I spend most of my day online; posting and interacting with family and friends in an imaginary virtual world, which makes me comfortable in being far away in another continent, is it too much of socializing?!

It is true that facebook is a communicating platform basically, yet it is being used for so many different goals, utilizing the many functions available for users. It predicts and manages data based on your behavior, and it shows marketplace and what is trending. They made it super easy to communicate, broadcast, sell, buy, send money and donate, among many other functionalities I haven’t discovered yet. Is it too much offered by facebook?!