Does your program have the meaningful participation of young people?

Young people have been the most discussed topic in international development scenario. There are various conferences that are organized keeping young people in the heart of its agenda. How successful are we to engage young people? When designing, planning and implementing the program for young people, do we measure how are we ensuring meaningful young people participation?

In one of the meetings that I attended in Washington DC, I learned about Hart’s Ladder of Participation Activity. It is a simple activity through which we can analyze our program for young people. It shows different steps of young peoples’ participation in the program.

Did you stand out a lot while travelling outside of your country?

How many times have you stood out when you travel outside of your country? I have always been to that foreigner journey whenever I traveled outside of my country either in Asia or Europe. Living in one of the Asian country outside of my home, I had so much to experience as a foreigner. Whereas living in DC has never make me feel like I stand out in the crowd. The diversity of people, culture and language has never made any difference in how you are accepted in the USA.

Far away from home, but not really!

Living out of my home country always scares me. I have been there and done that. The first thing that came to my mind when I accepted the fellowship and got my visa, was the feeling of being away from home. Back in my country, living with family and meeting friends are the everyday part of life. I got anxiety whenever I thought about living in the US for a year away from home, family and friends.