Does One size fit all? – When successful people advise

From sleeping for only four hours, to taking 3am calls or wearing clothes in only one color, we’ve all sometimes heard unique “proven and tested” ways to success from leaders and many successful people that we look up to or admire in our quest for success.

However, when it comes to success, does one size fit all? Do we have to do all the things that the people we so admire do to be a success? Must our principles be exactly aligned? When should we take advice with a grain of salt, especially if this advice is coming from people we view in high regard? These may be mentors, parents, leaders, and people our society considers successful.

A jack of all trades – when you’ve got to do it all

It’s been said, that a jack of all trades is a master of none. Which always finds a way to get to some people, myself included, as we tend to want to do it all. I’ve just about heard all the reasons for why I should specialize and be good at a particular thing. Be known for a skill and be absolutely exceptional at it. And yes, I did try.

Beyond the Bruises and Broken Bones

As far as most people are concerned, domestic violence is all about bruises and broken bones. Being bashed, kicked, hit or beaten to a pulp. And even with visible bruises and signs of abuse by people in our communities, we are often at a loss as to what to do. Worse yet, most victims of domestic violence rarely come out, hiding behind award winning smiles and elegantly covering their bruises with makeup, for fear of what people will think and say, and the stigma that follows.

My Shortcut to success

My Shortcut to success

We all love a good shortcut. Life made easier, achieving things faster, getting to places quicker, being successful at what we set out to do, all with the most minimal of work. Well, for all ye shortcut lovers, I bare glad tidings for you. And not just any shortcut, but one to your wildest dreams. So, put on your walking shoes and follow me to the land of dreams come true.

Cryptocurrencies – Pros, Cons, Feasibility and Regulation

“A cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank specifically in its creation and growth” For purposes of this article, we shall be concentrating on bitcoin to represent all the cryptocurrencies that are being developed with each new day.
Bitcoin was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto January 3, 2009, and has been on a roll (for most of the time), ever since then.
Queries arise as to whether bitcoin is genuine, whether it can replace other existing fiat currencies, is it over hyped? Should we go all in on it? These and many more are the questions many people ask, beyond the basics of what bitcoin really is.

A dwelling Within

A dwelling within
Hilly terrains, rivers cascading
Desert lands, sand storms and oases
Wild life, emerald gardens
Succulent fruits, savory smells

Red earth, dark soils, sandy beaches
Clear skies, furious tempests
Impenetrable woods, a mirage of colors
Birds chirping, cattle grazing

Rosy cheeks, running noses
Boisterous laughter, orderly chaos
Music everywhere, worries forgotten
A place where the drums never stop beating

Four seasons, colored eyes
Stern looks, gentle hearts
Curious minds, adventurers
Auroras, majestic castles
Disciplined, advancing

Liberty, Acceptance
Inventions, discoveries
Fine dining, Fashion, Music

Come dusk or dawn
Whichever path I take
The music stops not
The drums never stop beating

Balancing the Women Empowerment Act

Balancing the Women Empowerment Act

During one of the many trainings I have attended, I once worked with a group of male youth from Africa in 2014. Everything was going well, until the last two days of the training. During a heated argument about a human rights discussion, one of the guys, Francis, told me bluntly that I was very opinionated and it was unattractive and unbecoming in women. And no, I wasn’t being arrogant or conceited in the way I voiced my opinions. I gave my side of view, which was different from what most of the guys in the group thought.

Unveiling Artificial Intelligence


What is Artificial Intelligence?

When one says the word “artificial intelligence”, some of the things that  come to mind are along the lines of the movies Terminator, iRobot, star trek, Ex Machina, among others. Basically super intelligent robots waiting to take over humanity. And that would be right, as that is indeed a big aspect of A.I, which is recently very important in the health, finance, education, technology and space industries.

“AI or artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computers” In simple terms, machines being trained to do what humans do.

Very Excited!…Or Not

Everyone was excited! I had made it into the hard to get into Atlas Corps program. I was going to America! And naturally, everyone asked me if I was excited. “Of course, I’m very excited!”, I’d reply, but deep inside, I really didn’t feel anything. Yes, I was grateful, I had read all the good that would come out of the program, had religiously attended the webinars, read the policies, but there was no feeling at all. And I kept hoping that it would come the closer I got to actually starting the program, and thus started a countdown just to be sure. But nay, no such luck.