#InternationalWomensDay – Kudos to Climate Heroes

For over a century March 8th was chosen to represent International Women’s Day, a global day to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity and equality.

This year I decided I won’t celebrate IWD by acknowledging famous leaders only, but also by celebrating some women I met in my life. These women changed my perspective and influenced me to thrive and give back to the planet. To these women, to my climate heroes here’s a heartfelt thank you!

5 Remarkable Books about Climate Change

Climate literature is challenged by the complex subject matter of climate change. Due to a polarized and politicized debate, the topic has transformed drastically during the past decade. I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to read books about the topic lately and I found new interpretive and advocacy-oriented books that introduce a new perspective.

Here’s a list of some interesting books about climate change:

1. This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate

Author: Naomi Klein

Life is not a Job Training Program

“We’re not on planet Earth to get jobs. We’re on Earth to solve problems for ourselves and others.” – Hank Green

The cultural stress about opportunities and about life in general started really early in my childhood. I always believed that education is a key to a sustainable and productive life in a consumer-oriented world. I graduated and they told me “The world is at your feet, what are you going to do now?” After graduating college with a bachelor of Science. I decided that I don’t want to wake up every day and do what I studied anymore. I didn’t know where to start, I also didn’t want to get any sort of a job just because it’s the norm after graduation. I faced a paradox of either going through the unknown and take risks, or do the norm and lose my passion to add value in this process.

5 Climate-Change Documentaries You Want to Watch in 2018

Are you starting to create a movie list or documentaries to watch in 2018? If you’re either curious about the topic of climate change, an activist like I am, or even skeptical about the whole idea.

Here’re 5 climate-change documentaries that might be interesting for you to watch.

  1. An inconvenient truth (2006) 

I strongly don’t support politicizing the topic of climate change, but this documentary should take credit of opening the door for content creators and media producers to invest more effort and money in the topic.

My First Christmas Eve Mass

In August 2016 my local ambassador invited me to her church, and I was so happy to attend my first ever Sunday Mass in DC.

For a Muslim I thought the experience would be weird or over-whelming, but I found it lovely. It was such a heart-warming experience going to my first mass back in August 2017, and I was so excited to attend my first Christmas Eve Mass in Saint Dominic Church in DC.

On December the 24th I had mixed feelings once I entered the church. It was so cold outside, but I entered the church and I just felt the warmth; not only coming from the candles but also from people greeting me.

A Story about Hope, Generosity and Climate Action

Borders we cross to reach another country are just borders; invisible lines drawn on the map by people like me and you.

    1. It was my first time in East Africa. I had the opportunity to travel to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to participate in a conference. The main reason I went to Tanzania was to meet impact social entrepreneurs from all around Africa who’re contributing to SDG 13 on Climate Action. The storyteller inside me was intrigued to get to know more about their motives, projects, and future aspirations. I also got the chance to facilitate a workshop for them on Storytelling for Businesses. I was inspired, that’s why I’m sharing with you some insights from my trip:

10 Hacks to Survive Depression & Cultural Shock like a Boss!

If you’re an international fellow, then I know the struggle my friend!

Leaving your home country, family, and friends can be challenging. These practical tips may sound like common sense to someone who’s never experienced crippling sadness, but for those of us who know what it feels like to be hanging on by a thread, hopefully my list can help you survive the way it’s helped me.

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  1. Cook some Love!

Whenever I’m depressed I lose my appetite, but cooking had the power to change that!

A richer life with less stuff

We deserve to feel happy, loved, and esteemed. Everyday we’re bombarded with hundreds of messages through all Medias. Unfortunately according to these messages this is attainable ONLY through making money, and spending it on products. They are all created to suggest that we need stuff, rather than wanting them, and introducing the good life as the goods life.

The economic growth is always linked to the act of consumerism. Around 150 Billion dollars are spent annually to spread messages, and embed them in every conceivable space; from magazines to public bathrooms.Consumerism and commercialism are reaching an even deeper level, to the point of influencing people’s mindsets and lifestyles and revolving them around owning more stuff. They also influence our social relationships.

Nexus; a Global Conference and a Vegan Movement

In a fast-food world and a meat consuming global culture, everything around us promotes food quantity over food quality.Growing up in a Mediterranean city, I’ve always tried to consume thoughtful portions of food, and to balance my plate. I always linked eating healthfully with identifying both the right portions and the right components. I stopped eating meat 7 months ago, after travelling abroad and spending the entire summer with a vegan friend, who found both the courage and the right recipes to shift to Veganism.

Losing Sight of Shore

Ten thousands kilometer away from home, I took this photo. South West of Washington, DC. I love this photo because it tells a story, and it encapsulates and symbolizes most of the things I want to say in this post; a boat that has sailed to start a journey, and a free bird that has finally found the courage to fly.

My trip started hundreds of kilometers above the ground; a plane travelling from Egypt to Frankfurt. Like all journeys, mine started with the feelings of excitement and adrenaline rush. Do you know this moment when you lose sight of shore, and finally your comfort zone becomes an unknown zone? I had a window seat in the flight, I was lucky to witness a beautiful sunrise, a reflection of my name; Shorouk; which means sunrise in Arabic.