Christiaan Triebert: There’s a lot Left to Uncover with Open Source Investigation

Christiaan Triebert describes himself as a digital forensics researcher. While he’s reported from locations around the world, he’s best known for his investigative and award-winning use of open source information: videos, images, data and information publicly available online that, if found, verified and provided with adequate context can tell important stories and challenge powerful narratives.

Having followed Christiaan and Bellingcat’s work — particularly their investigations into events in the Arab world — last week I had the opportunity to interview Christiaan about his work.

Checking Kenya’s Election

How Code for Africa and (ELOG) are using Check to verify and debunk election claims in East Africa


Kenya is today voting in presidential elections for the second time in three months, after the August election result was annulled by Kenya’s Supreme Court. The rerun, taking place today and on Saturday (October 28), is being boycotted by opposition leader Raila Odinga.

 Fake Polls, Misinformation and Fake News

After the August election, which was marred by clashes, Eric MugendiPesaCheck Managing Editor, wrote a report showing how Fake News in Kenya is getting sophisticated, describing it as;