Censorship FAQs: 10 questions about the blocking of news websites in Egypt

Big Brother in 1984 movie

On May 24, Egypt’s state-run news agency MENA announced that 21 websites were being blocked in the country because they were “supporting terrorism and extremism” and “spreading lies.”

This was just the beginning: According to the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE), 101 websites are now blocked in Egypt, with more sites added to the block list each week.

This blog post is to raise questions — and where possible, based on the limited available information, answer them — around the blocking of websites as a form of online censorship by the Egyptian regime.

Quick tips for San Francisco fellows

Dear San Francisco Fellow

Let me take the chance to congratulate you again, and say welcome to the wild west coast! You just spent a lovely two weeks in the capital, taking pictures outside the white house and putting your feet where Martin Luther King once stood before and grasp your breath in front of the Lincoln monument. You loved Washington, DC. I know it’s hard to leave your fellows and head to the west coast. You might think that you won’t miss them, but believe me you will!

I would love to share with some tips that you will need in the city. First, don’t panic. You are in a better place than you first arrived to DC. I mean you at least have internet in your phone, so chill! That’s how California works, chill my fellow.