One of the best Public Transport System, MTA New York

Before coming to New York, two amazing people in my circle showed me the map of New York city and tried to familiarize me with the famous areas in New York. They told me that subway system of New York is one of the best public transport system in World. I appreciate Kevin Crew and Aliyya for this courtesy. I also heard before coming that New York city never sleeps. I am in New York since last three weeks and writing this blog before it is month to be here.

Crowd Funding

I had chance to listen the webinar by one of the Atlas Corps fellow on Crowdfunding. I would like to share that knowledge through this blog.

Crowdfunding is a new opportunity to collaborate and get funding. This is the way to approach the crowd for funding on different project. You can reach out the crowd with your story and idea to fund your story. This is different from asking a specific organization/ bank to finance your idea. This is requesting the mass to finance your program.

Homelessness, a call to early death

This Saturday, I got a very sad and heart wrenching news from a colleague about the death of our vendor Leonard Hyater. The news vanish all my weekend plans and put me in thoughts about the time that I have spent with him as a colleague and as the point of contact person. As a vendor, being the part of the organization, he worked so hard to bring a positive change in his life. Recently, he passed his certificate for real estate mortgaging for Maryland, and was prepared to take the test for Washington, D.C, and then for national. That’s how being a homeless person, he was hoping for his life to bring a change not only for himself, but for the community. The voice still echoing in my ears when he said that after passing my tests to get eligibility for national level real estate mortgaging, I will engage homeless community in business so that I can help them and bring some change in their lives.

Interview @ The U.S. Department of State: Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, & Labor, July 16-th, 2018









My name is Edison FRANGU and i am from Lis-Mat, Albania for those who don’t know Albania – Albania is an amazing country that lies in the southwestern portion of the Balkan Peninsula bordered by

 Montenegro to the northwest

 Kosovo  to the northeast

 Macedonia to the east

 Greece to the south and southeast

And It is less than 72 km (45 mi) from Italy across the Strait of Otranto that connects the Adriatic to the Ionian Sea.

I am an Atlas Corps Fellow serving at the Open Gov Hub here in Washington DC

Climate Change and MENA region, a time-bomb

Melting glaciers, rising waters, disruption of the seasons … The effects caused by the global warming of our planet are now known to all.
A new study argues that rising temperatures could turn some countries into heat waves, probably pushing populations to migrate.

But in fact, the daily life of the majority of the Earth is not so much upset, and therefore the efforts put in place to try to reverse the curve remain insufficient. However, global warming is likely to affect us before the end of this century.

Technology & Philanthropy

Have you ever thought about how technology has affected philanthropy? Does technology impact the way we think about philanthropy? We know technology has affected many aspects of our lives, and of course it has also impacted foundations and philanthropic initiatives. There are many ways in which technology has impacted philanthropy, one of the most important changes is the communication, nowadays it is possible for grantees to communicate with their donors in real time, using different platforms like social media, or even though mobile devices. This allows a more interactive conversation; more people can join the discussions about the topics they are interested in.

DC is full of professional and fun events, Just don’t be overwhelmed.

DC is full of events and opportunities. It’s been 2 months and I can not count how many events and places I have been able to make it to. To count a few;

  1. The Manager Mindset: how to be an effective manager; This workshop was led by LeadIn and was held at Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library. The entry was free. The one-hour workshop was participatory and gave us opportunities to reflect upon ourselves. Those who already have experience of being a manager could reflect upon ourselves and those who didn’t have managerial experience could discuss factors that they would like to adopt when becoming a manager.

Aid Supremacy: The Damage of Contribution

It sounds kind of crazy to say that foreign aid often hurts poor people in poor countries, rather than helps. It should not surprise any developing nation.  Aid in developing countries has facilitated despotic regimes and compounding misery.  We often undermine the capacity of human beings and their power to develop themselves and the people around them. All development actors, change leaders, and other relevant stakeholders often talk about making informed decisions, but somehow have blindsight to the evidence which reflects the damage aid has done in these communities.

San Francisco – A Fellow Infographic

Hello Atlas Corps Community,

Welcome Class 31! My Graphic Blog #16 is for anyone planning to come to San Francisco, but especially for upcoming Fellows serving in the Bay Area. A stipend-friendly, incomplete guide to San Francisco in a very limited amount of pixels.

Disclaimer: I do not have ownership or rights to any of the images or logos above. This is not an officially commissioned Atlas Corps Guide (although it should be) and I am not receiving any non-cash benefits for it (although I should be).