Youth Experiencing Homelessness

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Is Life tough? Ask youth who are experiencing homelessness. You will feel blessed because you have all, what he is missing completely.

Today’s morning, at the start of spring and heavy snow, I was leaving for office at 5 am to supervise our delivery crew to deliver the newspapers. That’s how media houses works – they don’t care about the weather and the situation, but, they do what they are supposed to do. While I was few blocks away from my office, I saw a young man on the street, probably fourteen years old, asking for a change (money) to have a breakfast.

Time to Counter the Narrative!

History reveals that religion has been used to construct different narratives, of such narratives many have harmed humanity. Unfortunately, many of the countries have passed through these religious narrative constructions’ revolutions. If such revolution has taken place 50 years ago, when can we say that it was possible, but, if this has happened in last 30-35, then it’s a shame – where religion has been used for lobbying, self-interest, and exploiting humanity.

Let me take you to Pakistan – a country having over 193.2 million people, of them, approximately, 97 percent are Muslims. You won’t believe that this country is prouder of the religious Islamic identity rather than national. Eventhough Pakistan is an Islamic republic country, still it faces national identity crisis because of religious narrative – constructed by Saudi Arabia with the support of some others. This religious narrative where Islam was used to exploit the local people, has ruined Pakistan’s every walk of life.

The Work of Marina Bulavsky

My Graphic Blog #9 is a kaleidoscopic, surrealistic, deeply personal account of an exceptional example of #EmpowerGlobalWomen – A photovisual collage-journey of the amazing global work of #AtlasCorps Fellow (Class 23) Marina Bulavsky, from Russia.

Disclaimer: I do not have ownership or rights to any of the logos displayed above. All photographs were taken by the creator of the piece or have been obtained from open sources.

The Silenced Voice That Needs To Be Empowered

Since childhood, girls are only taught how to raise children.

I am a man who feels greatly for the women. Pouncing from the love I bear for my mother and the hope I aspire for my sisters. Fifty years apart and yet I hold no tangible guarantee that my mother’s fate will not echo in my child’s yet unfolding destiny.

I have lived to witness the struggle over power, dominance and submission. I have seen the tearless and silent cries of confusion. I lived through the scuffle of fitting-in, conformity, tapering and taming down into societal expectation, both spoken and not. From what I have witnessed, I have learned that there is a silenced voice that needs to be empowered.

Ignorance Versus Wisdom, Who Won!


Source: (Bonnie Jo Mount / Washington Post)

Source: (Bonnie Jo Mount / Washington Post)

I am an early morning person, and I like mornings. Every morning brings a new joy, new hope, and a new breeze in my life – that’s what I like most of the morning. One fine night I slept free of sorrow and sadness and woke up to see and enjoy the new spirit, zeal, and breeze of the dawn. Unfortunately, I opened my social media and saw the news that terrorists have attacked a Army Public School Peshawar, Pakistan.

DATA Results from Mission Prep

Hello Atlas Corps Community,

I share with you the data results that highlight the work and dedication of my Host Organization to advance education with underserved communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. My Graphic Blog #7 showcases digitally the comparative SBAC Results of their students and expands on Mission Prep’s Mission and Vision.

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Christiaan Triebert: There’s a lot Left to Uncover with Open Source Investigation

Christiaan Triebert describes himself as a digital forensics researcher. While he’s reported from locations around the world, he’s best known for his investigative and award-winning use of open source information: videos, images, data and information publicly available online that, if found, verified and provided with adequate context can tell important stories and challenge powerful narratives.

Having followed Christiaan and Bellingcat’s work — particularly their investigations into events in the Arab world — last week I had the opportunity to interview Christiaan about his work.

My ArtWalk to Mission Prep

An outlandish albeit accurate visual pastiche of my daily walk from the local transport stop to my Host Organization in the Mission District, San Francisco.

Disclaimer: I do not have ownership or rights to any of the murals displayed above. All photographs were taken by me or were obtained from open sources.

Checking Kenya’s Election

How Code for Africa and (ELOG) are using Check to verify and debunk election claims in East Africa


Kenya is today voting in presidential elections for the second time in three months, after the August election result was annulled by Kenya’s Supreme Court. The rerun, taking place today and on Saturday (October 28), is being boycotted by opposition leader Raila Odinga.

 Fake Polls, Misinformation and Fake News

After the August election, which was marred by clashes, Eric MugendiPesaCheck Managing Editor, wrote a report showing how Fake News in Kenya is getting sophisticated, describing it as;