The Duality of Blessings: A Farewell Letter to Bread

Dear Bread,

A year has gone by already. Where did the time go fam? The uncertainty of in-betweens – like the in-between of ending one journey and starting another – can be scary, but, if there is one thing I’m certain of, is that this year spent with the warm and caring people at 7th Street Northwest and Good Hope Road Southeast has been an unforgettable experience. Young unapologetically-black gay boys from the global south need more opportunities like this to slay, and slay I have. Thank you Bread for the City for making that happen. There must have been some point in the preparation for this Fellowship when you all thought, ‘This could go bad’ but you stuck it through and for that also I thank you, with the hope that you and Atlas Corps continue to build bridges and give young unapologetically-themselves people from the global south more experiences like this.

My Fate of Two Atlases


Photo Credit: Abdulrahman Galal

I was born and raised in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the place that I proudly call home and that nurtured me into a candidate for the prestigious Atlas Corps Fellowship – a U.S. Sponsored program which selects young social change leaders from all around the globe for the opportunity to serve in the United States for a period of 12-18 months. It has been quite a tremendous journey from one Atlas to another. Just as I used to take long outings into the Atlas Mountains, my future stands at the beginning of new path with Atlas Corps and its dozens of outstanding non-profit leaders whom I now call family.

LADIES IN STEM | How They Started

An interview with Mpara Faith Muwar, Co-Founder, New Generation Technologies.

“I registered to study Computer Engineering at a time, when I could not switch on a Desktop Computer; in fact the first laptop I ever saw in my life was during my first class at the University.”

It Gets Better

January 1st 2010.

I had waited for a complete year to tell my parents those words that, for a long time, caused a rush within my body; those words that echoed every day inside of my mind and made me feel like an outsider; those words that led me to take endless amounts of pills and encouraged me to end my life.

I am lesbian, Dad. I like women, and I think I have always known it.
And what do you want me to do? Those people never get married, do not have families, they are sick… Lesbian… go and talk to your mother!

Top-9 donation page mistakes and how to avoid them

If your online donation page doesn’t work properly, it needs immediate attention. The occasional mistake is inevitable, but with the high-volume traffic nonprofit donation pages aims to receive, it’s crucial that your donation form is in the best shape. 

A SPEECH TO INSPIRE ALL: Winner of 2017 Andrew Rice Award

More than just an award: A heart for the vulnerable.

I thank God Almighty for this great recognition. I want to say a very big thank you to the selection committee and all staff of SID for the Andrew E. Rice Award for Leadership and Innovation and to you all for your presence on this occasion. How I so wish words could express this level of joy I feel at winning this award. . I’m so honored.

Kindness and unchartered waters


There are few things that are for me scarier than going into the unknown which is exactly what I was doing going into the Atlas Corps Fellowship. In taking a leap of faith, I was also choosing to have my beliefs, my perceived strengths, my very essence challenged and rethought. I was accepting to leave behind familiarity in the hope that I would find a home away from home, that the kindness of strangers would give me a second family.

A 6-months ‘USA’ experience worth recounting

My experience in the United States has seen different paths and taken different directions, even though I still continue to be the ever-determined HeForShe advocate I had promised myself to be years ago.

THE POWER OF MINOR DEALINGS: how simple words from fellows made me sprout :)

In a world full of endless tasks and sedentary lifestyles, greater chances exist of losing fun times or oneself in the chaotic trend of busyness. As a “redefined introvert” (a term I coined after been misread by so many people as bold and pragmatic when actually I’m the shy bee yearning for its next solitude moment), I live my life by day and pull through all I can to earn a worthy future irrespective of my past.