Developing Cross Sector Partnerships

Partnership is defined is an agreement or contract between two or more parties that is undergone to perform a set of tasks, activities, and projects to achieve desired goals and objectives that mutually benefits all the parties involved.

In today’s world, we have seen that partnership happens between the same as well as different sectors. When the partnership is between two sectors we call it bilateral partnership, when the partnership is among three sectors, we call it tri-sector partnership.

Typically, the triangle of partnership engages state, market, and civil society. By state, I mean the government,   by market I mean for profit organization, and civil societies are non-profit organization, mostly having community oriented goals.

Why is homelessness still not news?

Earlier this year appeared on Voice of America’s Pashto service in Washington, D.C. The discussion focus was youth engagement in entrepreneurial activities, and the way forward. But, when I introduced myself as an employee of Street Sense Media, callers popped up. They were surprised with the word homelessness; to them, the United States is a country full of luxuries, happiness and job opportunities.

Where are the news media to propagate the realities of American homelessness? Ethical journalism should highlight the situation on the ground, and give the public real-time information so that it’s aware of what has been happening in the country and the world as whole too.

Say No to Corporate Social Responsibility

When you say NO to corporate social responsibility, then It’s amazing to know a new concept, a word or terminology which is in the evolutionary phase to engage the corporate sector towards successful social impact. “Shared value” is more of related to social and economic benefits that the organizations can make via strategic initiatives in the community. While reading the literature I got confused with the corporate social responsibility and creating shared value. Is there any difference or what is the ideology behind this? After having brainstorming with a co-worker, I came to know the concise definition of creating shared value by corporate concerns “identifying and expanding the connections between societal and economic progress”. There is still need to work on this idea and generate more scientific evidence in order to say “shared value is the new pathway to bring change on economic and social grounds”. Although, a shared value framework needs more scientific evidence to put all the concept inline that make the difference from corporate social responsibility. This is the responsibility of companies belong to the corporate sector to lead the businesses and societies together in order to resolve the issues. There is a need to give value in return to the societies via solving their problems in a strategic way. The way forward for the corporate sector is to modify their mission and vision statements via adding social aspects. Perhaps, shared value philosophy need urgent attention from the corporate leaders in order to streamline the business with a contribution to the society by addressing issues, needs, and challenges. There should be a direct connection between the organization’s success and social progress. If you have thoughts on the term “creating shared value” please share in the comments. Sharing example of civil societies would be great. Below mentioned source is the conceptual reading by Harvard Business Review.

Is homelessness a stigma?

Is homelessness a stigma? I asked this question in one of our community meetings, where people who are homeless, formally homeless, or income insecure meet once a week to discuss the issues they face. After discussing these issues, we then come up with solutions to overcome them. The responses really made me sad – listening to the issues of the people affected by homelessness. I thought to put my thoughts in the form a blog to help overcome homelessness as a stigma.

Community solar: go solar for free

Since the advent of solar energy, one factor in particular has fueled criticism and prevented even the most enthusiastic would-be solar customers from “going solar”: the upfront cost. Even now in 2018 when solar energy is cheaper that never the upfront cost is still high, besides that cost there are others obstacles to install rooftop solar, Sometimes a tree is shading their home, or they have poor rooftop orientation or structural problems.

Volunteering in your host city

This past Sunday, in honor of Good Deeds Day, several of us NYC-based fellows, along with some local ambassadors spent our morning volunteering with Citymeals on Wheels and delivering meals to housebound New Yorkers on the Upper West Side.

Our NYC Good Deeds Day volunteer group

Despite the chilly temperatures and brutal winds, my overwhelming takeaway from the day really was of warmth and happiness, not only from spending time with other members of the Atlas Corps community but also because of the opportunity to give by the the NYC community and get to share some time, even if it was just a brief smile, with New Yorkers who I would otherwise never interact with.

Youth Experiencing Homelessness

(Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Is Life tough? Ask youth who are experiencing homelessness. You will feel blessed because you have so much that others are missing completely.

This morning, at the start of spring and heavy snow, I left for the office at 5 am to supervise our delivery crew unloading the newspapers. That’s how media houses work– they don’t care about the weather or the situation, they do what they are supposed to do. While I was few blocks away from my office, I saw a young man on the street, probably fourteen years old, asking for a change (money) for breakfast.

Time to Counter the Narrative!

History reveals that religion has been used to construct different narratives, of such narratives many have harmed humanity. Unfortunately, many of the countries have passed through these religious narrative constructions’ revolutions. If such revolution has taken place 50 years ago, when can we say that it was possible, but, if this has happened in last 30-35, then it’s a shame – where religion has been used for lobbying, self-interest, and exploiting humanity.

Let me take you to Pakistan – a country having over 193.2 million people, of them, approximately, 97 percent are Muslims. You won’t believe that this country is prouder of the religious Islamic identity rather than national. Eventhough Pakistan is an Islamic republic country, still it faces national identity crisis because of religious narrative – constructed by Saudi Arabia with the support of some others. This religious narrative where Islam was used to exploit the local people, has ruined Pakistan’s every walk of life.

The Work of Marina Bulavsky

My Graphic Blog #9 is a kaleidoscopic, surrealistic, deeply personal account of an exceptional example of #EmpowerGlobalWomen – A photovisual collage-journey of the amazing global work of #AtlasCorps Fellow (Class 23) Marina Bulavsky, from Russia.

Disclaimer: I do not have ownership or rights to any of the logos displayed above. All photographs were taken by the creator of the piece or have been obtained from open sources.