Colombia Colombia, you were a delight

This is an oldie but I think a goodie.

During my fellowship I went on my first ever trip to South America and visited Colombia. It was a work related trip but I decided to go a few days early to explore the country and visit as many places as I could. Was I nervous? Yes! I’m usually very comfortable travelling somewhere new, I haven’t been, however I realised most countries i’ve travelled to speak a version or tongue of Arabic.

This would be the first time I travel to a country where I literally don’t understand the language. My Spanish speaking skills are zero to none, but I think I am pretty good at body language, generally gaging and understanding through extreme signals and smiles. so here are some pics and moments of how the trip went.

The meeting in Colombia brought about the opportunity to connect with colleagues who sadly moved away to other countries during my fellowship. It was so nice to come together and have a good send off and farewell, as my fellowship was ending a week later. Karin and Bonnie here are two great people I had on my team and have made good friends.

While there had the opportunity to catch up with 2 atlas corps alumni fellows, and introduce them to my two new fellow fellows at American Red Cross. The atlas corps community has given way to remarkable encounters with people across the world, and has been absolutely amazing.







And then we went home. It was all in all an amazing trip, with many fellows helping with my zero spanish skills and trying to haggle in the market. A trip I won’t soon forget, especially now as I travel Mexico and reminisce on the region I have grown to love.