Equal pay day

This year (2018) equal pay day was celebrated on April 10th. According to the Equal Pay Day Organization, the term “equal pay day” refers to the approximate date the typical woman must work into the new year to earn what the typical man made at the end of the previous year. The typical women must work 15 months in order to make the same amount that men will make in 12 months.

Gender Based Violence in Humanitarian Settings

UNHCR (2013) reported, because of its immediate and potentially life-threatening health consequences, coupled with the feasibility of preventing these consequences through medical care, addressing GBV, especially sexual violence, is a priority in humanitarian settings. At the same time, there is a growing recognition that affected populations can experience various forms of GBV during a conflict and natural disasters, during displacement, and during and following return. In particular, intimate partner violence is increasingly recognized as a critical GBV concern in humanitarian settings.




If I became a Social Designer was because as Graphic Designer I considered that I could not be against the consumer society. I lost the battle. The market needed to change models to encourage consumption. I did not accept to make products for the simple fact of supplying the market, it did not seem deontological. For me, any product must obey the attempt, successful or not, to improve another previous one.

Does your program have the meaningful participation of young people?

Young people have been the most discussed topic in international development scenario. There are various conferences that are organized keeping young people in the heart of its agenda. How successful are we to engage young people? When designing, planning and implementing the program for young people, do we measure how are we ensuring meaningful young people participation?

In one of the meetings that I attended in Washington DC, I learned about Hart’s Ladder of Participation Activity. It is a simple activity through which we can analyze our program for young people. It shows different steps of young peoples’ participation in the program.

Converge. Exchange. Inspire. DEVEX WORLD 2018

June 05th, 2018, I received an email that made me happy.  The email says:

Devex World Conference, which will take place next Tuesday, June 12th in Washington, DC is offering complimentary tickets for Atlas Corps Fellows.
I immediately filed the application to attend this amazing conference.

June 12,  7:05 am getting ready for the amazing experience of the day.

07:50 am, time was flying fast and I decided to take a Lyft to get as faster as I could to the Devex World Conference place on the Mead Center for American Theater, located by the waterfront on 1101 6th St SW, Washington, DC 20024.

Women in Rawalakot-Kashmir


Sound of the phrase, “Women are not allowed to work” was so unfamiliar until I reached university. I grew up seeing progressive working women like my mother and others in the society.  I am from a small town in Kashmir called Rawalakot, situated in the northern region of Pakistan. This area is more known for its beauty and less for the exceptional women.  According to the annual socioeconomic report of Kashmir, Azad Jammu & Kashmir at a Glance 2017, the female employment rate in Kashmir is 70% which is way higher than most regions of Pakistan. It might sound extremely strange and outlandish to some people but fortunately most women in Rawalakot work and earn a decent living.

Colombia Colombia, you were a delight

This is an oldie but I think a goodie.

During my fellowship I went on my first ever trip to South America and visited Colombia. It was a work related trip but I decided to go a few days early to explore the country and visit as many places as I could. Was I nervous? Yes! I’m usually very comfortable travelling somewhere new, I haven’t been, however I realised most countries i’ve travelled to speak a version or tongue of Arabic.

What Happened to Africa

“Africa is not poor. Africa is being looted.”

The way most Westerns perceive Africa is not so new. Africa has been seen by most inhabitants of the “developed world” as a massive piece of arid land with many states, where nothing grows, where everyone’s poor and dying, where people have no understanding of urban development, of modern technologies, or of human rights.

This Africa has also been the connecting bridge between East and West, American, European, and Asian economic powers all go through Africa while they attempt to make their best deals and exploit any riches that come along the way. This is not a big piece of news. Africa has always been in the center of global chaos and global wealth, never-ending route of slave trade, of impoverishment, of incessant exploitation, of illegal mining.