Nchotou Hilton NdimuanguProgram Theory and The Theory of Change

A Program theory is a well-documented problem in a society to be solved and has been articulated in the submitted proposal for funding. This articulation, form the basis of evaluation especially in projects without any baseline assessment or situational analysis. A theory of change is simply a diagrammatic representation of complex pathways that will lead to the expected change of the problem. These two concepts are used interchangeably by many which sometimes leave beginners with some degree of confusion. Another form of confusion come from outcomes and impacts which are also used interchangeably but differ in that the impact of a project is the sum of the outcomes of that project + findings from additional research directed toward the observed change minus the effort of other doing similar work with the aim of solving the same problem while outcome could be short term (change in learning), intermediate (change in action) and long term (change in problem). It is only by acknowledging the effort of others that you can measure the impact of your work by attributing some of the long-term outcomes to your activities.