Developing Cross Sector Partnerships

Partnership is defined is an agreement or contract between two or more parties that is undergone to perform a set of tasks, activities, and projects to achieve desired goals and objectives that mutually benefits all the parties involved.

In today’s world, we have seen that partnership happens between the same as well as different sectors. When the partnership is between two sectors we call it bilateral partnership, when the partnership is among three sectors, we call it tri-sector partnership.

Typically, the triangle of partnership engages state, market, and civil society. By state, I mean the government,   by market I mean for profit organization, and civil societies are non-profit organization, mostly having community oriented goals.

Is homelessness a stigma?

Is homelessness a stigma? I asked this question in one of our community meetings, where people who are homeless, formally homeless, or income insecure meet once a week to discuss the issues they face. After discussing these issues, we then come up with solutions to overcome them. The responses really made me sad – listening to the issues of the people affected by homelessness. I thought to put my thoughts in the form a blog to help overcome homelessness as a stigma.

What’s Leadership About?

Boston mayor Kevin White,1929-2012

While conceptions of leadership, especially in the developing world context, tend to conjure images of brutal, corrupt and compulsive leaders preoccupied with their own power-amassing ambitions and addressing the lowly masses from on high, true and effective leadership actually has very little to do with oppression, control and domination and a lot with empowering and motivating.To be an effective leader, one must turn all of his or her so called followers into leaders. Paradoxical much? Yet at the heart of this paradox lies a simple yet compelling concept that defines true leadership.

And they asked me what was WFYS, simply a festival? No! It was a dream. It will be the future of global peace and solidarity!


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SLOGAN – For peace, solidarity and social justice, we struggle against imperialism. Honoring our past, we build the future!

The festival movement reflected the consolidation of the international democratic youth movement in the post-war period. The issue of holding a mass meeting of representatives of the world’s youth, which, if successful, could become a tradition, was first discussed at the World Youth Conference in London in 1945, where the establishment of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) was announced. Some 30 million young people with different ideologies and religions from 63 countries came together to prevent a repeat of wars and the revival of fascism. Thus, the decision was made in London to hold world festivals of youth and students who would promote the strengthening of friendship between peoples as well as solidarity and peace on the planet. The first festival took place 70 years ago in 1947 in Prague under the slogan “Youth for Peace!” It marked the beginning of the long history and rich traditions of the festival movement.

LDA Albania delegation represented Republic of Albania in the world largest event WFYS2017 in Sochi, Russia!


My statement after the successful participation on the WFYS in Russia 2017:

An unprecedented honor to represent the Albanian nation for the first time in this worldwide festival.

The organization which I led, “LDA Albania & Kosovo” was the only organization in the Republic of Albania who gave the opportunity to the Albanian state to be represented with a delegation of 20 young people in Sochi, Russia, among 30,000 young people from 180 countries.

I can trustworthy say that was not just a milestone but a dream and an ideal realized by young people by promoting solidarity, peace and social justice, a story to write, a start for a mission, an international vision that we will reach…

The Work of Marina Bulavsky

My Graphic Blog #9 is a kaleidoscopic, surrealistic, deeply personal account of an exceptional example of #EmpowerGlobalWomen – A photovisual collage-journey of the amazing global work of #AtlasCorps Fellow (Class 23) Marina Bulavsky, from Russia.

Disclaimer: I do not have ownership or rights to any of the logos displayed above. All photographs were taken by the creator of the piece or have been obtained from open sources.

A 6-months ‘USA’ experience worth recounting

My experience in the United States has seen different paths and taken different directions, even though I still continue to be the ever-determined HeForShe advocate I had promised myself to be years ago.



People would rather listen to music than taking few minutes to read a piece like this in my country. In the same sense, though travelling is generally seen as a part of experience, where I come from, travelling abroad is a sign of achievement and breakthrough.

The moment one travels out of Nigeria, most people send congratulatory messages; although only few genuinely care about reasons behind his/her travel. People start sending best wishes laced with a reminder to bring back some gifts. Most times, the parents of such a person are elevated in the society while the wife and child(ren), if married, or his suitor is treated like royalty. The relative standard of living is expected to change within few months of exiting the country, or else, he is labeled a complete failure!

Structural racism at Brussels Airport

The Brussels Airport is one of the busiest airport in Europe. It is fast becoming a major transit center for travelers particularly to Sub-Saharan Africa. Being a major transfer center for passengers traveling to and from Africa, it would be expected that these passengers deserve nothing but equal treatment commensurate to what travelers to other destinations enjoy. Nevertheless, one cannot but be disgusted by the unfair, unjust, and prejudiced treatment meted to travelers to the Sub-Sahara African region at the Brussels Airport.

AN EARLY BELL TO NEW FELLOWS: how to make the “year-long” fellowship more meaningful.

NEW FELLOWS: An early bell to straighten your path

NEW FELLOWS: An early bell to straighten your path

In what seemed like a dream unfolding into a hazy reality, my acceptance into the Atlas Corps fellowship was the best thing that happened to me in 2016. Finding it hard to tender my resignation to my previous organization, I only jumbled together few handover notes and updates on pending tasks at the dire moment; all because I worked till the last moment (few days before my trip to the USA) to ease transition for the incoming Communications Lead. Just in a day, I packed my clothes-most of which I personally designed- and clutched few reading materials, all set for the year-long fellowship.