Colombia Colombia, you were a delight

This is an oldie but I think a goodie.

During my fellowship I went on my first ever trip to South America and visited Colombia. It was a work related trip but I decided to go a few days early to explore the country and visit as many places as I could. Was I nervous? Yes! I’m usually very comfortable travelling somewhere new, I haven’t been, however I realised most countries i’ve travelled to speak a version or tongue of Arabic.

HR Trends in 2018

On Tuesday, April 3rd I attended an HR Summit in Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel about the HR Trends that are facing businesses nowadays, as well as the future of it. While this summit was targeted towards for profits in general, it could be applied to a great extent in the non-profit or non-governmental organizations.

Speakers in the summit came from different backgrounds. Some work in health insurance, outsourcing, retention, entrepreneurship and marketing. They were all directly or indirectly concerned with what is driving or shaping the employee workforce nowadays in the US and North America.

Benefits and Health Insurance Trends:

Oscars 2018 Predictions – Part I

Hello Atlas Corps Community,

It is Oscar Time! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) will be hosting the ceremony for the 90th Edition of the Academy Awards this Sunday, March 4th, 2018. I am a passionate fan of the art of filmmaking and this is THE institution for film accolades, especially in the United States. Without further blah, I share with you my Graphic Blog #10 , where I share my predicted winners – and insights – for the 90th Oscars.

Oscars 2018 Predictions – Part II

Hello Atlas Corps Community,

My 2018 Predictions – and insight – continued for the less exciting, albeit equally important – and sometimes more artistry driven – categories for the 90th Academy Awards. I share with you my Graphic Blog #11.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage anyone to engage in gambling, but if you are so inclined I have a solid feeling my predictions are about 93% accurate and they are your best bet. However, I do not make myself responsible for any total or partial loss of stipend due to any sort of gambling. I ( again sadly) do not know anyone within the AMPAS that would give me access to Oscar insider trading, hence these predictions are based purely on empirical knowledge.  I do not have ownership or rights to the promotional posters displayed above.

BROADWAY, on a budget.

Hello Atlas Corps Community,

I share with you another awesome #FellowHack in my Graphic Blog #8. If you like attending the Theatre (and live on a stipend like most of us) you might find this useful. I can proudly say I have seen a lot of Broadway Shows and never payed full price for a ticket. For anyone living or visiting New York it is worth a look.

Access to discount day-of-performance tickets can be found here as well. (TKTS)

Disclaimer: I do not have ownership or rights to any of the promotional posters displayed above. Most of the text has been obtained from (link to more lotteries and rush tickets here) and adjusted for design purposes.

Between the Clock and the Bed

Hello Atlas Corps Community,

I share with you a small part of what makes San Francisco a city bustling with art and culture in my Graphic Blog #6 – A photovisual account of Edvard Munch’s exhibition curated by SFMOMA.

This is SFMOMA´s statement of the exhibition.

Disclaimer: I am (sadly) not Mr. Edvard Munch nor do I have ownership or rights to any of the paintings displayed above. The previous statement applies to all logos. All photographs were taken by me and were authorized by staff from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Unexpected Allies in Medellín

Do you remember your first day of school? I remember my first day of school in bursts: in Miami, Florida, where I went to my first day of preschool, we mixed paints; in Buffalo, New York, where, when looking around the room, I immediately knew there was not a single person who looked like me; in Rochester, New York, on my first day of college, I met some of my forever friends; and in Washington, DC, the first day of grad school, my peers all told stories about their aspirations, and I cracked a joke…and was forever known by it. Every time, it has been my peers who stood out the most to me. My first day at my placement school in Medellín was no different, but it was also so much more.

We Are Pilgrims


The world has never been as connected as it is today. We defied space – and soon maybe time – and made it easier than ever to cross the borders of our countries, to travel thousands of miles away, to discover a land far away from home, and to meet people that are so different from us. This is the world we have known for decades, and it is more than possible that this will even be called rudimentary in a few decades from now.

The Brown Bag Presentation – Digital Edition


Hello Atlas Corps Community,

Ah! The infamous Brown Bag presentation, one of many Atlas Corps traditions. I present to you Graphic Blog #4, a condensed Digital Edition – that portrays none of my real life Mexican charm- made available to my Host Organization, in order to allow them to experience the Brown Bag tradition in a different way.

Testing Assumptions!

Testing Assumptions!

Oftentimes, we believe things will go in a certain way, yet we really haven’t lived out those experiences and we aren’t sure that most of our hypothesis about circumstances will end up as we have assumed.

Taking this new job will make me feel more fulfilled, moving to this new city will open up doors of opportunities, getting into this relationship will make me happier, adopting this new lifestyle will make me healthier. These and many more assumptions are held by individuals on a daily basis, but I, however, believe that the time comes when those assumptions get tested.