Best DC vistas from the Top (with a glass of wine in your hand)

This Blog is dedicated to all urbanites that love rooftops. We adore rooftops for the fresh air, the stargazing and pleasing aerial views, especially when it comes to a city like DC, with a European touch in architecture, low buildings and its natural beauty. Spring should be around the corner, unless it has decided to completely abandon us this year. Eitherway, I’m getting you rooftop lovers ready to enjoy springtime with a glass of wine in your hand (or not – #fellowlife). Some of these DC spots do not require wine, so feel free to enter for free! 😛

Your Self-Care Calendar: September-October in DC Edition

Let’s expand your self-care calendar that can help you to get ideas of how to refill your positivity in Washington, DC and its neighborhood in the early fall. It still works when you’re on a budget.

How a faith-based crimes helps restore faith in humanity

It has been exactly five weeks since I first landed at Dulles international airport in Virginia. When I first saw “Dulles” I wondered: what am I doing in Texas? Now I know why Americans have spelling bees… Anyways, soon I was reminded that whether you’ve landed in Dulles or Dallas, the way you look determines the treatment you receive.

“Chocolate City” Tour

Before coming to DC, one of my best friends from my grad program had written a well-argued and nuanced blog on the gentrification of DC from a human rights perspective.

Washington DC, she explained as I asked her a million questions after reading her blog,  was once affectionately called  “Chocolate City” as its population had been largely African Americans.  We then discussed the pros and cons of this process and highlighted that while the capital had arguably become more racially and culturally  diverse, this had been at some social and economic cost to the previous black tenants. We discussed that long before DC’s property prices were had risen to present day heights and before young millennials ran with their pedigree dogs after work, DC has witnessed, led, paid the price and/or celebrated the struggle for racial justice and identity.