And they asked me what was WFYS, simply a festival? No! It was a dream. It will be the future of global peace and solidarity!


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SLOGAN – For peace, solidarity and social justice, we struggle against imperialism. Honoring our past, we build the future!

The festival movement reflected the consolidation of the international democratic youth movement in the post-war period. The issue of holding a mass meeting of representatives of the world’s youth, which, if successful, could become a tradition, was first discussed at the World Youth Conference in London in 1945, where the establishment of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) was announced. Some 30 million young people with different ideologies and religions from 63 countries came together to prevent a repeat of wars and the revival of fascism. Thus, the decision was made in London to hold world festivals of youth and students who would promote the strengthening of friendship between peoples as well as solidarity and peace on the planet. The first festival took place 70 years ago in 1947 in Prague under the slogan “Youth for Peace!” It marked the beginning of the long history and rich traditions of the festival movement.

LDA Albania delegation represented Republic of Albania in the world largest event WFYS2017 in Sochi, Russia!


My statement after the successful participation on the WFYS in Russia 2017:

An unprecedented honor to represent the Albanian nation for the first time in this worldwide festival.

The organization which I led, “LDA Albania & Kosovo” was the only organization in the Republic of Albania who gave the opportunity to the Albanian state to be represented with a delegation of 20 young people in Sochi, Russia, among 30,000 young people from 180 countries.

I can trustworthy say that was not just a milestone but a dream and an ideal realized by young people by promoting solidarity, peace and social justice, a story to write, a start for a mission, an international vision that we will reach…

5 Things That Endorse Existence of an Ideal Education System

Look around yourself and observe the advancement of human civilization over the last century & then ask yourself-Does any comparative progress in course content, teaching methodology and pupil’s learning reflect inside the classrooms? Certainly, your answer would be a big No. Worldwide education systems do not seem promising for students, these are no longer vibrant or reflective of human achievement and have become more concentrated in quantitative scores and successive pupils educational career. Another biggest failure of these systems is to provide equal opportunities and access to schools to million of children around the world. Those who are lucky enough to attend schools may not develop a desire for learning to enhance their problem-solving skills, healthy mind, souls, creativity and leadership skills while others yearn for opportunities to learn.