International Women’s Day: Be Bold for Change

International-Womens-DayCelebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) is traced back to the early 1900’s,when economic development  and population growth led to the radical ideologies in the society. The women were concerned about their inequalities and oppression in the society, and demanded their very basic rights for voting ,short working hours and equal pay.  Since then, International Women’s day (March 8) is a global day to celebration women’s contribution in the society by highlighting their achievements. Today IWD is being celebrated to encourage women to be bold enough for the desired change in their communities. This day remind us to ensure women’s role in our societies by educating and empowering them for their meaningful contribution in the world wide for sustainable development.  

SDGs and Challenges for Pakistan

SDGBeside, the factors that have been put into spotlight in the last two blogs, there are many more multifaceted issues that are the real hindrance not only  towards provision of quality of education to the existing enrolled children but also to the enrollment 24 million children in the country, who have been left behind. As the country suffers from extensive educational crisis, those who attend do must deal with absence of teachers, poor infrastructure and low key learning beside the other prevailing challenges.