Colombia Colombia, you were a delight

This is an oldie but I think a goodie.

During my fellowship I went on my first ever trip to South America and visited Colombia. It was a work related trip but I decided to go a few days early to explore the country and visit as many places as I could. Was I nervous? Yes! I’m usually very comfortable travelling somewhere new, I haven’t been, however I realised most countries i’ve travelled to speak a version or tongue of Arabic.

Best DC vistas from the Top (with a glass of wine in your hand)

This Blog is dedicated to all urbanites that love rooftops. We adore rooftops for the fresh air, the stargazing and pleasing aerial views, especially when it comes to a city like DC, with a European touch in architecture, low buildings and its natural beauty. Spring should be around the corner, unless it has decided to completely abandon us this year. Eitherway, I’m getting you rooftop lovers ready to enjoy springtime with a glass of wine in your hand (or not – #fellowlife). Some of these DC spots do not require wine, so feel free to enter for free! 😛

Blockchain & Its Implications for Development

What is blockchain and what are the implications for development? Blockchain became an international talking point in 2017 following the jumps and dives of bitcoin (which has now existed for almost 10 years). In social impact circles, it’s increasingly gaining momentum as a disruptive force that must be harnessed for good – now – before it gets out of hand (Beeck Center).

Theoretically (and increasingly in practice), blockchain has many implications for global changemakers. From providing digital identities to refugees to providing transparency on global food supply chains, many sectors are ripe for disruption.

Mobile Apps needed to commute in U.S.


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Atlas fellows are serving in different states of U.S. large cities, they need to find the cheapest way to commute home-work and reverse.

All major metropolitan areas have buses, and many locations also have subways, trains and also feature bike paths for cycling commuters. Your commuting choice will probably come down to a combination of time, equipment/fare cost, and distance.

Depending by the distance you can choose to commute by subway, in DC is suggested to register to WMATA SmarTrip with the card.

Some of the fellows will choose to commute by bus, which is more cheaper than the subway but not faster.

2 months as an Atlas Corps Fellow!

This week marks my two months Fellow-anniversary. I can’t believe how fast the past weeks have gone.

When I first landed in DC in May to start my journey in the US, I was excited and anxious at the same time. I knew this year was going to be different in so many ways. I had doubts because leaving home, family and friends is never easy but I was definitely ready to embrace change, constantly keeping in mind the famous quote of Lily Leung “When in doubt, choose change.”


Sometimes when you are living abroad, you miss your friends, family, your favorite places (in my case, not only in Peru). You can feel that you are alone, even when you are surrounded from a lot of people. Managing your feelings is always difficult, you have to find your way to recuperate it from this emotional rollercoaster because nobody can teach you how to recover of this kind of sorrow.