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[On April 19, Caroline & Haney Armstrong hosted a beautiful event at their home in the Castro District of San Francisco in support of Atlas Corps. The event was attended by Atlas Corps Fellows including Marina Bulavskaia (Russia, Host: SparkAction) and Wafaa Heikal (Egypt, Host: Meedan Labs); Atlas Corps Young Trustee Yvette White; and Local Ambassadors, Host Organizations, community organizations, friends of Atlas Corps, and those wanting to learn more. The following are Haney Armstrong’s introductory remarks.]

GUEST POST: Haney Armstrong



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Without doubt, courage is something we all esteem. How else can we justify our idolisation of soldiers risking their lives in faraway battlefields and fictional superheroes saving the day? There is no paucity of courageous images in our society; from traditional spear-wielding warriors to contemporary medal-adorned uniformed sergeants. From national heroes who lead their countries to victorious wars to the community hero who is bent on saving a tree from being chopped down by a major construction company looking to set up a new shopping complex. We are saturated by images of courage. Yet in the words of Mark Twain, “It is curious–curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.”

Ramblings of an Atlas Corps Fellow in Melbourne, Australia: Alone but never lonely











“Delicious Ambiguity.” ― Gilda Radner

90 days (or so). 12 weeks. 3 months.

I just passed the 3 month mark serving as an Atlas Corps fellow at the Foundation for Young Australians in Melbourne, Australia. An opportune time to reflect on the last 3 months.