HR Trends in 2018

On Tuesday, April 3rd I attended an HR Summit in Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel about the HR Trends that are facing businesses nowadays, as well as the future of it. While this summit was targeted towards for profits in general, it could be applied to a great extent in the non-profit or non-governmental organizations.

Speakers in the summit came from different backgrounds. Some work in health insurance, outsourcing, retention, entrepreneurship and marketing. They were all directly or indirectly concerned with what is driving or shaping the employee workforce nowadays in the US and North America.

Benefits and Health Insurance Trends:

Trump versus Obamacare

Trump is on his way repealing the Affordable Care Act, the so called Obamacare and so far it seems likely that the new president is going to get it done because the lower House already accepted it though with a slim margin. I think that this one is most widely critiqued action of the Trump Administration after the Immigration Ban that was issues in late January following the inauguration. Trump seems to be keen on erasing the Obama legacy although I do not personally think that all whatever left behind the 44th President has been astoundingly positive.