The 10-DC-Commandments

I’ve also shared this advise during a welcoming ceremony of one of our newcomer Atlas Corps Classes in DC, but I’d like to become repetitive in this case: be shameless. Ask for tips, clothes, free events, contacts, local hints, help, information, ask, ask, ask! Following this mindset, I was asking one of the most Senior people at my Host Organization if he could give me some good advise as I was trying to get around Washington DC in the best way possible, in order to serve me well not just for the time being, but also for the years ahead. What I received as a gift was his beautiful personal list of “10 Hard-Earned Lessons”, which I will call “The 10-DC-Commandments” and I will share here with you:

Tips to ROCK at your host organization!


…There is no second

opportunity to give a first

good impression…

Michael Watkins wrote a book called “The first 90 days”. Here he presents some reflections and clues to keep in mind in order to have a smooth adaptation at your organization. Today, I want to highlight some of his main ideas.

– Secure early wings: identify a few opportunities that you feel strong at and develop them as a way to build credibility.  It is important that those wings matter to your boss, you don’t want to do something that is distant from what your boss wants you to get done. Just be careful, don’t attempt to do too much. To summarize, build credibility and reputation.