A girl from Lusaka steps into the White House

13582182_10101499250930925_4974040330900988102_oI woke up so excited because it was the day my dream was about to turn into reality, a dream that was once a fantasy as a child was being fulfilled today.  I struggled with what I was going to wear but planned to look as formal as I could be, and finally I decided I was going to wear my grey suit and a black shirt.  On my way to the White House I sent my mum a text telling her I was going to the White House with other Atlas corps fellows to meet Ben Rhodes the Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications for U.S. President Barack Obama so she could share my joy, and she replied with a number of text messages telling me how both and my dad and her were very proud of me.

Learning Out of Wonder

Democracy symbolizes free and fair elections, rule of law, civil liberties, political freedom and legal equalities. Nonprofit organizations are implementing thousands of projects in the third world to promote democracy through inclusive programming for sustainable development so that people can understand how democracy works and how it is beneficial for improving governance structures – a prerequisite for enhanced efficiency and transparency in a society.

White House Group Photo