LDA Albania and Kosovo delegation to LEAP Summit Zagreb, Croatia


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First, what is LDA Albania?

Leadership Development Association Albania (LDA Albania) is a non-profit organization run by young professionals, establish in January 2017. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership, democracy, good governance, fight corruption, entrepreneurship, professional growth and in many management areas.

Second, what is LEAP Summit?

LEAP is a global movement which influences more than 100.000 people worldwide. It consists of LEAP Summit global conference, LEAPin conferences, LEAP Community and LEAP Program for Future Leaders and Future Entrepreneurs.

DC SCORES youth voices at the Kennedy Center

On June 9th a football framed freedom suite /peh-LO-tah/ premiered at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. This production celebrates a deep and personal devotion to the game of soccer. It is also a meditation on life as person of color in the United States. It is not one story but many, and the stories often leap beyond words into other forms of expression – dance, song, spoken-word poetry, and video montages.

Youth Potential in Action–My Learning Outcomes from Reviewing YLAI Applications

Photo Source: ylai.state.gov

Photo Source: ylai.state.gov

The day was June 9th. I was looking forward to this day to be able to review the applications of President Obama’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative(YLAI). YLAI is a program that seeks to address the opportunity gap for youth, especially women by empowering them and other civil society leaders to enhance economic development, human rights, security, etc. in the region.

Unless you have the chance to go through the applications, you don’t know what “potential of the youth” and YLAI really mean. Lots of great ideas both in untapped markets and new areas of development, that show positive signs of prosperity that is soon to come.

Minimizing the Global Skill Gaps: Are we Ready?

The Chairman and CEO of Gallup

The Chairman and CEO of Gallup

Had I not thought of addressing the needs of the youth of Bangladesh by addressing their needs of Soft Skills and devising training programs for them I would not be able to know that so much was going on in the world for the future of jobs and the youth! Little did I know that the education institutions and the employers in the United States of America are setting examples by trying so hard to mitigate the need gaps that the graduates of the Universities face in the US.