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Atlas Corps Sudanese & South Sudanese Civil Society Leaders Fellowship

Atlas Corps Sudanese & South Sudanese Civil Society Leaders Fellowship

Atlas Corps, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State’s Office of the Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan and Humanity United, announces the Atlas Corps Sudanese and South Sudanese Civil Society Leaders Fellowship. The Fellowship is an initiative to engage professionals from Sudan and South Sudan in training and service in the United States to deepen skills, build cross-cultural relationships, and enhance Sudanese and South Sudanese. We invite you to meet our Fellows and Alumni. In addition, we also encourage you to apply for the Fellowship. You can learn more here

Class 15: May 2014 Atlas Corps Fellows

Alimure Ali, 34, Kajo Keji County, South Sudan (Host: National Endowment for Democracy)

Alimure Ali is a prominent nonprofit organization practitioner with eight years’ experience working with USAID governance projects in the Republic of South Sudan. Alimure is skilled in identifying and advocating for persistent community issues for immediate government intervention. He has a long history of liaising and building relationships with national and state government institutions, international organizations, and other appropriate stakeholders to detect program synergies and increase impact of good governance in South Sudan. He worked as an Assistant Program Manager for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), a position that he assumed after holding several others in the organization. Alimure built the capacities of government officials, civil society organizations, and other appropriate stakeholders through workshops and trainings. He has trained and mentored government officials good governance initiatives best practices, budgeting, and work planning processes. Alimure holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Democracy and Development Studies from Uganda Martyrs University.

Host: National Endowment for Democracy

Fellow Role at National Endowment for Democracy
Alimure will contribute to the planning and preparation of the World Movement for Democracy’s 2015 Assembly in Accra, Ghana. Alimure’s work with the Africa Program will include intellectual contributions to the analysis of our South Sudan portfolio, research support on thematic and regional issues of interest to the Fellow and the Africa Program, and participation in team meetings and events at the Endowment.

Justin Miteng Amos, 35, Torit, South Sudan (Host: STEMconnector)

Justin has in worked in the nonprofit sector in South Sudan for eight years. His area of expertise is in management, enterprise development, inclusive agriculture value chain development and Institutional/Organizational Development (ID/OD). He holds Bachelors of Science degree in Food Science and Technology from Makerere University in Uganda and Master of Science degree in International Natural Resource Development from Bangor University in the UK. Justin has extensive knowledge and experience in agribusiness and natural resource development. Over the years, Justin has worked with communities to build their entrepreneurship potential and help resolve natural resource related conflicts. He has worked with SNV Netherlands Development Organization as a Country Sector Leader for Agriculture. He has demonstrated experience in innovative initiatives for commercializing rural agriculture for the benefit of smallholder farmers. Justin led the implementation of agribusiness management and vocational skills development among youth through mentoring, training, joint planning, and coordination. Previously he was part of a team that set up an Agriculture Training Centre, as part of the South Sudan Agriculture Revitalization Program (SSRP) in 2005, a project funded by USAID, implemented in a consortium of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Chemonics and Government of South Sudan. Through these experiences, Justin developed strong leadership, management, implementation and monitoring skills. Justin enjoys focusing on the topics of inclusive business, gender sensitivity, agribusiness, human rights, and international development. Justin also has a strong passion for women and youth economic empowerment.

Host: STEMconnector

Fellow Role at STEMconnector
Justin will be assigned business development/client services roles to work on growing the STEMconnector client base and expanding its corporate outreach. His role will include supporting STEMconnector’s strategic outreach to service existing and potential clients. He will work on tasks including researching corporate social responsibility programs of major corporations, funding streams from government and foundation grant possibilities. Additionally, Justin will be an integral part of the STEMconnector team, contributing to their website by updating existing content and generating new research-based content.

Class 14: January 2014 Atlas Corps Fellows

Atiop Yach Gabriel, 27, Yambio, South Sudan (Host: Amir)

Gabriel has almost two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Accounting) from Kampala International University in Uganda. While working as an Assistant Finance Manager and a Zonal Grants Accountant for World Vision International (April 2012 – December 2013) in Western Equatoria State, South Sudan he helped transform and set up financial systems in the zone, introduced procedural accountability in the zone, as well as facilitiated zonal audit by various donors. Through his work experience, he has developed an incredible knowledge of financial and grants management for USAID, EU, UK and AUSAID, funded projects in Western Equatoria state, he also has helped build capacity for national staff in the zone through his fair and credible financial management skills. He has enhanced good relations with the state government on financial matters, advocated for the welfare of the children in the state, and conducted an advice project to officers/managers in proper budget prioritization. Previously, Gabriel worked for an International Commercial Bank in Juba as the head of Customer Care and Relationships Officer. Within three months of his duties, he helped promote the bank’s popularity and increased their customer base despite the growing competition in banking activities in the new country. Gabriel is a constant advocate of proper, fair and credible financial management in any profession.

Host: Amir

Fellow Role at Amir
Yach will mainly work on budgeting, account management and reporting, and fiscal planning during his time at Amir Project. He will be responsible for ensuring monthly budget projects align with historical financial data and take into account organizational growth. He will also work to put together monthly expense reports, as well as work with CEO and Board of Directors to put together fiscal goals and upcoming milestones.

Maiwen Dot Pheot, 25, Abyei, South Sudan (Host: The Enough Project)

Maiwen Dot Pheot has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Maiwen earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Language from the University of Juba in South Sudan, and is currently pursuing Postgraduate Studies in Public International Law at the University of London through distance education, focusing mainly on refugee and human rights law. While working as a Protection Associate for the UNHCR office in Abyei, South Sudan, Maiwen carried out assessments among returnees and displaced persons and initiated a case management strategy that helped hundreds of vulnerable women and elderly to access humanitarian assistance. As part of this case management strategy, he coordinated with many partners in different humanitarian sectors including health, non-food items, livelihood and protection clusters to advocate and follow up on the case of those vulnerable persons and to ensure that they have timely and unhindered access to their needs. Maiwen attended several professional trainings on protection, international humanitarian law, refugee law, human rights law, and community services. In addition, he completed a six-month UNHCR protection program called the Protection Learning Program (PLP), which aims at improving the capacity of UNHCR’s protection staff to understand the overall legal and humanitarian context of refugees and internally displaced persons. Before joining UNHCR, Maiwen worked for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) as a translator in Abyei, South Sudan. He helped his office by providing oral and written translation, including interpretation in official meetings with local authorities and community leaders. Through this experience, Maiwen initiated good relations with local community leaders and authorities in the area.

Host: The Enough Project

Fellow Role at Project on The Enough Project
Maiwen will serve as a South Sudan Research Associate at the Enough Project, where he will contribute to the policy team's research and writing on South Sudan. While at Enough, Maiwen will write short op-eds and add to components of longer reports, conduct ongoing research on situation in South Sudan, with a focus on Abyei and Jonglei, make introductions and facilitate meetings with contacts in the field, and make contributions to the analytic work of the Satellite Sentinel Project.

Moses Wawich, 29, Jikow, South Sudan (Host: Center for Creative Leadership)

Moses Wawich has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector and has earned his Bachelor's degree in Literature and International Relations from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. He has also earned Master's Degree in Conflict, Security and Development from the University of Bradford. While working as a Program Officer for Democratic Governance Project with SKILLS for South Sudan in Juba, Moses helped train and support the South Sudanese officials in human rights and development issues. Moses has also worked with the Center for Creative Leadership as a Project Manager and with Pact Ethiopia as a Community Development Officer, where he worked on a conflict prevention project to organize and facilitate community-led peace processes in pastoralist societies. Through all these experiences, he has acquired strong leadership skills, creativity and strong analytical skills, especially conflict sensitive development programs. He hopes to continue his work with peace and conflict resolution, human rights, and good governance.

Host: Center for Creative Leadership

Fellow Role at Center for Creative Leadership
Moses will contribute to the COE (College of Engineering) efforts. He will also create a reflective piece on the work, efforts, and impact of LBB in Africa.

Nixon Andu Amos, 35, Yei, South Sudan (Host: US Holocaust Memorial Museum)

Nixon Andu is a South Sudan national with two years of experience working with Justice Africa Sudan in Uganda and Kenya. During the Comprehensive Peace Agreement negotiations in Kenya, Justice Africa Sudan partnered with civil society to promote their collective, principled and legitimate presence, voicing citizens’ concerns towards the signing of the peace agreement. Nixon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Stockholm University and a Master’s degree in Political science from Uppsala University, majoring in military and non-military security threats. Nixon has also just completed a Master’s degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from Uppsala University. Nixon is involved in research projects across Africa in areas such as hydro-politics and the conflict of the River Nile. His current project is titled “Emerging Military/Non-Military Security Threats in Sub-Saharan Africa."

Host: US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Fellow Role at US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Nixon will be placed at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Center for the Prevention of Genocide. Nixon’s primary project will apply the lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides to a contemporary at-risk situation, such as South Sudan, with the intention of producing a high quality research paper or policy brief providing this analysis. The particular project will be determined in consultation between the selected fellow and CPG staff.

Paul Lokaba, 30, Juba, South Sudan (Host: Meridian International Center)

Paul has five years of experience in the charitable organization and nonprofit sector, and has earned a Bachelor’s of Education, Diploma in Education, and Certificate in Teacher Education from both the University of Nkumba as well as the Kyambogo University in Uganda. Paul worked as a Project Manager with Good Neighbors International South Sudan, in implementing Community Development Program and in collaboration with the local authorities. As a Project Officer with War Child Holland, Paul also implemented a Connecting Teaching project under DUTCH & UNICEF. Paul trained government officials to build their capacity on education management and planning, particularly with computer usage to develop wide research skills in teaching profession. Paul has executed his expertise in teacher training, HIV/AIDs Awareness, entrepreneurship skills, life skills/lifesaving messages, and capacity building. Paul led the implementation of small business management and vocational skills training among youth through planning, coordination, and implementation. Through these experiences, Paul developed strong project coordination, implementation and monitoring skills. Paul enjoys focusing on the topics of Peace education, human rights, children’s rights, gender sensitivity, conflict resolution and management, and has a strong passion for youth and women empowerment, specifically children who are termed as wealth earners in society.

Host: Meridian International Center

Fellow Role at Meridian International Center
Paul will be supporting The Pan African Youth Leadership Exchange Program (PAYLEP) and The Business and Entrepreneurship Exchange Program (BEEP). Paul will help develop concepts for emerging leader programs for professionals, entrepreneurs and, youth, research and develop innovative U.S.-based and in-country short term educational programs, write proposals and explore funding options and further develop programming opportunities for countries of interest such as Pakistan.

Class 13: September 2013

Hakim Monykuer Awuok, 35, Juba, South Sudan (Host: Lost Boys Center for Leadership Development)

Hakim has ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of Art in Public Administration from Kampala International University in Uganda. While working as an Executive Director in the Office of the Minister of Health (2011 - 2013), South Sudan, he improved health service delivery in the country through coordinating health policy formulation. Formerly, Hakim worked with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, South Sudan, in various positions such as Executive Secretary (2006 – 2011), Education Coordinator (2004 – 2006), and Curriculum Developer (2003 – 2004). He has greatly contributed in the improvement of South Sudan’s educational reform and service delivery through his roles in coordinating education policy planning and implementation; as well as curriculum development as a Subject Specialist. Hakim and his colleagues have established a local organization known as Community Initiative for Peace and Development (CIPAD) in 2012, with the vision of creating a society that upholds peace and social justice, and works towards human dignity, good governance, and sustainable development. Through these experiences, he developed strong project coordination, planning, management, administrative, and implementation skills. Hakim likes putting his interests on education planning, social cohesion, and empowerment of women.

Host: Lost Boys Center for Leadership Development

Fellow Role at Lost Boys Center for Leadership Development
Hakim will include coordinating events such as education training for fellows, school system in South Sudan, consultation with government of South Sudan and other NGOs in the field, research new companies interesting in South Sudan and alliance them with our new mission, and program management.

Lukudu William, 29, Juba, South Sudan (Host: National Endowment for Democracy)

Lukudu has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector in governance, democracy, and development issues in South Sudan. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Democracy and Development Studies from Uganda Martyrs University, in Kampala, Uganda. Lukudu worked for various USAID-funded projects including a project on good governance, Localizing Institutional Capacities in South Sudan (LINCSS), and the New Sudan Students Association (NESSA). His experiences include civil society development, advancing women’s political participation, civic and voter education, and election monitoring. With this extensive experience, Lukudu developed passion in nonprofit program implementation, coordination, community mobilization and organizing, budgeting, and small grants management. At the National Endowment for Democracy, Lukudu will divide his time between NED’s World Movement for Democracy and Africa Programs. He will serve as the principal researcher for the Defending Civil Society project’s new initiative, illustrating the impact of restrictive legal environments on civil society groups carrying out democracy and human rights work.

Host: National Endowment for Democracy

Fellow Role at National Endowment for Democracy
Lukudu will also provide programmatic support to NED’s small grants activities in South Sudan, tracking political developments in the region and organizing events to highlight specific democracy-related issues.

Machien Luoi Thiep, 29, Ganyliel, South Sudan (Host: BRAC USA)

Machien has six years of experience in nonprofit sector. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, and a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. As a Senior Program Officer with AECOM International in South Sudan under the USAID–funded South Sudan Transition and Conflict Mitigation (SSTCM) program, he assisted state and county governments in reduction of conflicts emanating from rebel militia groups, cattle rustling, border trade, and nomadic migration activities in South Sudan. Prior to that assignment, he was a Democracy and Governance Project Specialist with Winrock International under a USAID – funded BRIDGE Sudan Program to build capacity of state and county government officers in four key areas – human resource management, planning and budgeting, financial management, and taxation administration in Unity State. Previously, Machien was a volunteer for PACODES – a civil society organization he helped found in the United States to construct a library, transport books from United States to Ganyliel, South Sudan. He has developed strong capacity building, project management, grant proposal writing, and monitoring and evaluation skills. Machien is interested in civil society capacity building, education, health, social business and microfinance programs to help alleviate poverty and develop communities in South Sudan.


Fellow Role at BRAC USA
Machien will support the implementation and execution of their strategic and program services, public education efforts, and grantmaking strategies. He will be expected to assist with a diverse portfolio of program work that includes microfinance, livelihood development, social enterprises, health, education, human rights and legal services.

Maisoon Ibrahim-Ateem, 31, Nyala, Sudan (Host: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation)

Maisoon has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory technology from Sudan University of Science and Technology with advanced expertise in microscopic malariology. This medical background has provided her with the foundation to work in different medical fields and related programs. In addition, being a citizen of Darfur, she gained extensive experience in humanitarian, protection, and human rights issues of disadvantaged communities, particularly reproductive and health rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs). Her experience covers peer education, women and children’s health, rural development, and conflict resolution. She worked for various nonprofits and private laboratories where she was involved in coordination, planning, monitoring and evaluation of different programs focusing on the training of youth and medical personnel. As a master trainer for UNFPA under the Youth Peer project, she helped implement their outreach programs, including those held in collaboration with the Sudan National AIDS Control Programme (SNAP). Currently with UNAMID, the training focuses more on HIV and AIDS, against the backdrop of protection of civilians in the community.

Host: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation(EGPAF)

Fellow Role at Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Maisoon will serve as the Strategic Information and Evaluation Officer, and will work within the EGPAF Strategic Information and Evaluation (SI&E) Unit to achieve the Foundation’s goal of advancing evidence program management in order to eliminate pediatric HIV/AIDS thru various integrated HIV prevention, care and treatment programs. She will compliment and support the various activities of the global SI&E team in providing the technical backstopping support as well as enhancing capacities of the global team members in various practical and field based HIV prevention, care, treatment and promotion activities.

May Abd Elnasir, 29, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: Voice of America)

May has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and has worked as a volunteer at many organizations in both Egypt and Sudan. May holds a Bachelor’s degree of Computer Science from Modern Academy in Cairo, and she is completing her Master's degree in Gender and Development. In 2011, May worked in the Cairo Institute for Human Right Studies (CIHRS) as a researcher and working in media monitoring for the Egyptian Parliament Election. May has significant experience collecting and analyzing data in accordance required formats, preparing and writing daily reports and bulletins being produced by the Media Monitoring Center, and preparing and submitting regular qualitative reports to the Monitoring Specialist as requested. In 2010, May worked in the Sudanese Development Initiative (SUDIA) as a researcher and in media monitoring in the Referendum of Sudan and the Election of South Kordufan. May also attends conferences and workshops to cover for her reports at the Referendum, and she has met many leaders from South Sudan including Luka Abyong. In 2010, she worked as a presenter on radio and TV outlets in Sudan and Egypt to discuss many Sudanese social and cultural issues, and in 2009, May worked at the American University in Cairo as research assistant in the political science department.

Host: Voice of America (VOA)

Fellow Role at Voice of America
May will serve with VOA staff to identify and research stories in Sudan and South Sudan that are of interest to our audience, and will be called up to conduct interviews. She will expand her skills in journalistic and storytelling and put together her own radio pieces. In addition, May will be supporting the editorial process for a daily radio program.

Nabeel Mohamed Biajo, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: Voice of America)

Nabeel has three years of nonprofit experience focusing on elections, public health, and youth development. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Sudan University of Science and Technology. As an interpreter with the Carter Center’s International Election and Referendum Observation Mission in Sudan, he accompanied international election observers monitoring voter registration and polling centers in South Kurdufan state’s electoral process. Previously, Nabeel worked with a team of Carter Center conflict resolution experts to survey the town of Kadugli, South Kurdufan prior to the Referendum on South Sudan’s independence. After attending a workshop on AIDS and other STDs, Nabeel has volunteered to advance health education and promote adolescent reproductive health awareness with UNICEF and the Center for HIV/AIDS in Sudan. He participated in a campaign visiting different high schools and universities to hold seminars and talks on the subject. Additionally, Nabeel served as a volunteer English teacher for adults and kids at several institutes including the English Cultural Center, Future Leaders Primary School, and Sudan International Grammar School in Khartoum. Through these experiences, he developed an understanding of how NGOs function and strong project coordination and implementation skills. Nabeel is particularly passionate about gender issues, environment, and youth empowerment.

Host: Voice of America (VOA)

Fellow Role at Voice of America
Nabeel will serve with VOA staff to identify and research stories in Sudan and South Sudan that are of interest to our audience, and will be called up to conduct interviews. He will expand his skills in journalistic and storytelling and put together his own radio pieces. In addition, Nabeel will be supporting the editorial process for a daily radio program.

Neimat Abubaker-Abas, 29, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: Women for Women International)

Neimat has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from Juba University and a Master's degree in Gender and Governance from Ahfad University for Women in Sudan. Her research focused on women’s political participation at local level. Formerly, she worked as a Program Officer at Nidaa Training and Research Center. She also worked as a Human Rights Workshop Facilitator and Program Coordinator at the Group for Economic, Social, and Culture Rights Studies. Neimat was an active member in the leadership of the Students Association and other political and civil society organizations for several years. Neimat has gained excellent skills in working with university students in organizing political campaigns, raising public awareness about civil rights, and building democratic organizations and institutions. She was Deputy Chairperson of the Student Association from 2003 to 2004, and was the Head of the Female Student Office, from 2004 to2005. Neimat worked as volunteer with women who suffer from fistula at Khartoum Hospital. Neimat is an active politician as she was candidate for the National Parliament in 2009, and she became President of the Leadership Council of the New Forces Democratic Movement as the youngest female political leader.

Host: Women for Women International (WfWI)

Fellow Role at Women for Women International
Neimat will contribute to research and development of a common curriculum for the Men's Engagement Program, including a focus on how Islam respects women's rights. She will also contribute to preparation of a strategic priority on health services for women enrolled in the WfWI program and participate in annual and strategic planning activities, research and evaluation activities, and other program planning tasks.

Randa Osman, 34, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: CARE)

Randa has eight years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Khartoum, and a Master’s degree in International Economics, Finance, and Development from University of Surrey. In her current role with the British Council, she was central to the rapidly developing nature of British Council operations in both Sudan and South Sudan over the last three years. Among her main responsibilities are financial management, financial planning, risk management, and context analysis as well as providing support to countries in the Sudan cluster. She has developed strong managerial skills and experience in the area of human resources. She is looking forward to an opportunity that will allow her to directly contribute towards economic development projects. She is also equally keen on gaining advanced managerial and leadership skills that will help in progressing her career and enhancing the scope of work that she can deliver in the future. She enjoys travel and enjoys working in a diverse environment.

Host: CARE

Fellow Role at CARE
Randa will support CARE International's efforts to appropriately position the organization in a global context by providing direct support to the Head of Advocacy. Additionally, she'll play an integral role in promoting effective fiscal oversight by preparing financial and fundraising pipeline information to CARE's Senior Management team.

Suzan Abdallah, 27, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation)

Suzan has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from Ahfad University for Women and a Master’s degree in Public Health and Tropical Medicine from the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in Sudan. She is internationally certified in disaster management from Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar, and received formal training in project management, advocacy, and leadership. Suzan is currently a consultant for the Non-Communicable Disease Center, providing input to the development of the work plans and projects, research designs and field research guidelines. She has worked as a technical officer for Health Alliance International providing technical support to the Sudan National STI/AIDS program for ten months. She worked closely with the Ministry of Health conducting operational research to improve and reform the HIV/AIDS prevention policies. Suzan also worked as research assistant for UNFPA Sudan in the HIV/AIDS and the gender empowerment departments. She conducted and internationally presented studies on female genital mutilation and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV. Additionally, she worked as research assistant for Saudi Acute Care Co. Ltd, an independent research institution specialized in innovative health research and solutions. Suzan was the president of Ahfad Medical Students Association for two consecutive years, and represented medical students in many national and international conferences. During her undergraduate years, she interned for Global Fund/UNDP Sudan and worked as a project coordinator for AEDAS, a national nonprofit organization that works in raising HIV/AIDS awareness. Suzan has resided in both South and North Sudan, which has enhanced her strong interest and ability for working in post-conflict settings. She is especially interested in innovative health solutions, reproductive health, and health policy.

Host: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)

Fellow Role at Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Suzan will serve as the Senior Research Officer and work within the research department under the VP of Research to achieve the Foundation’s goal of advancing research that enhances the prevention, care and treatment of Pediatric HIV/AIDS. The Senior Research Officer will contribute to idea conception, proposal submission, protocol development, personnel training, study implementation, and data management and analysis. In addition, she will contribute to the training and mentoring of research staff globally.

Zuhal Ahmed Fadl, 32, Nyala, Sudan (Host: Oxfam America)

Zuhal has eight years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s of General Science degree from the University of Juba in Sudan. While working as a monitoring and evaluation officer for Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) under a multi-donor funded emergency program, she helped to expose the myriad of problems facing internally displaced women and girls in the southern and central Darfur IDP camps. Her commitment to grassroots development and down-to-earth approach established confidence and trust among the IDP women to confide her with their problems. Previously, she worked for CARE International in Sudan in an operations role. Zuhal also worked for World Vision (WV) Darfur program as an administrative assistant. Zuhal is a member of World Plus network and has published articles about situation of women in Darfur. Through these experiences, she developed solid project cycle management skills. Zuhal´s area of focus is on women and children and has a very strong passion for the girl child.

Host: Oxfam America

Fellow Role at Oxfam America
At Oxfam America, Zuhal will serve as the Gender Justice Thematic Support Fellow, and will support and contribute to Oxfam America’s gender justice program and policy work. She will work towards advancing OA’s gender-thematic areas through assistance in building staff capacity in gender, expanding the gender portfolio, and achieving a more rigorous and practical integration of gender work into programs systems.

Class 12: May 2013 Atlas Corps Fellows

Sherif Elhassan, 27, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: The Mayor's Office on African Affairs)

Sherif has over six years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Khartoum. Recently, Sherif and his colleagues established a new nonprofit in Sudan called the Medical and Dental Students Trust (MDST). MDST aims to help Medical and Dental Students achieve their maximum potential, by the provision of financial and logistic support. Sherif is the is the Grants Superintendent of this nonprofit. He also worked as a Research Assistant in the Mycetoma Research Center, Soba University Hospital, University of Khartoum, and was responsible for the Recording System of Mycetoma patients, data entry, and site visits to endemic areas. He provided necessary information for the medical students and helps them in their research on mycetoma. Sherif was the Regional Co-Assistant of Public Health on Africa of the International Federation of Medical Students' Association (IFMSA), a nonprofit that represents international medical students worldwide. He worked for two years as a Supervisory Council Member of the Medical Students International Network - Sudan (MedSIN-Sudan), a nonprofit that represents the future physicians of Sudan worldwide. Additionally, Sherif was a member of the committee that issued the decision to stop smoking in Khartoum International Airport. Through these experiences, he developed strong capacity building, project management and leadership skills. Sherif enjoys focusing on public and reproductive health topics, and has an interest in youth development.

Host: The Mayor's Office on African Affairs

Fellow’s Role at The Mayor’s Office on African Affairs
Sherif will be responsible for expanding the Capacity Building Program, primarily targeting the business sector, thereby helping to strengthen the local African business community. This will include conducting ongoing outreach to diverse African businesses in the District, organizing bi-monthly networking events, connecting African businesses to business development support, resources, and other opportunities through the District, Federal and nonprofit agencies.

Souad Alfaki, 29, Khartoum, Sudan (Host: PVBLIC Foundation)

Souad has four years of experience with nonprofit work, after graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor's degree in Education. She has worked in the education sector for almost three years as an Education Officer and an Education Training Coordinator with the Nuba Relief Rehabilitation and Development Organization. Souad also worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer briefly before becoming a Communication Officer for Save the Children in South Kordofan in Sudan. Souad has worked closely with community members and government authorities to provide resources for the vulnerable groups of people most affected by conflicts. Souad is an advocate for child rights through her work in several campaigns like the right to education, the right to proper health, and the right to a home and security.

Host: PVBLIC Foundation

Fellow’s role at PVBLIC Foundation
Souad will serve as the Communications & Events Coordinator, overseeing NEXUS Global Youth Summit at the UN and PVBLIC's "UN Media for Social Impact Summit". She will also coordinate the UN Media Coalition, spearheading PVBLIC’s social media strategy and outreach to grantees.

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